The Girl Next Door

hi,ive posted several stories ,all true and now i have an incredible event 40's,average build,decent looks,n i have been dressing up since i remember. recently i moved to an efficiency apt,nice and perfect for neighbor next door was younger,26,kind of a dorky guy,skinny, pale skin,and long blonde hair in a pony tale.were the same height etc,,we met in the hall n  he was very nice .quiet shy,softspoken,we talked then left,later i heard him go by to the trash drop,so i opened my door to invite him in for a drink.he was dressed in tight capri jeans,,a  white cami top,and the cutest sandals ya ever seen,,his hair was up,on top,cascading down his shoulders around cute ears and hot earrings,,his face turned red,,he almost had a panic attack,,i said,,uh  hi!  wow,,you look super! he just said " uhh i didnt expect to be seen",,ITS OKAY I SAID,IM OKAY WITH IT,,AND YOU DO LOOK GREAT,well he  said, ok,call me dana,,he came in and hung out,he said this was the only time to have shared dressing up,,i told him i think hes hot,,and very passable. i told him how i have dressed for years,,it was so huge,,never ever shared like that before,we drank and talked dana looked so hot,i wanted to kiss her,,finally dana said gotta go,im tired,,at the door we hugged,,it was nice and she said,,mmmyour hug feels great,,i agreed n hugged more,,naturally we kissed,breifly..wooo she said,,i gotta go,,she went to her apt and i hoped shed come back or call n ask me over..then the door opened and she came in  and said 1 more kiss,,we didnt even kiss,i just said i want you,,she said i know,,i want you too,,but ;;;shhh,we ended up on the couch ,fell asleep,no sex,no more kissing,just holding tight n sleep. we woke and dana said oh god!i said hi sexy,,we got up,,dana looked good,i wanted she asked me to forgive her,and as she promised shed never act like that again,,i kissed her again,,,and that was that,,as we rolled around my bed i took off her capris n was rewarded with a lovely 6'' er.we had some nice fun,,when i entered her ,she was on her back,we did it kissing,,while i thrust,,as soon as i came,i rolled over n put dana on top n said to do me!!she did,,and loved it..we spent all day lounging about,dana dressed up so sexy.that was friday night,,sat night we spent together too,,..dana says she has very strong feeling for me,as i am feeling too.shes hid this all her life,and now its real,,what dshe do??we both want to continue as dan and dana ..well figure it out...
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lovely just lovely,, Diane XXXOOO

The girl next door always has something nice that is worth exploring, now or may years later when you meet the lovely girl.

Add me please ;)

I would say let time tell, and see how things actually bring you together, instead of just a night of hanging and cuddling and a night of pleasure. she might be the one. I do wish you the best.

of course,,and actually dana is very exciting in bed,,its extremely passionate,

adore your story add me as a friend plz?