Not Sexual Interested But ...

Hi, shemales sometimes look more female than the next real girl beside the shemale.
I am deeply impressed about the perfect female appearance.
I am a straight man and not interested in a sexual way.
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@Thom2013 - Like you, I'm very curious, although, in my case, I don't seem to be sexually attracted to she-males in my life (perhaps because they're missing the super smoothness of a well trimmed vag). And yet, combine a good looking she-male with some diaper fun, and I'm sure my mind would run with the ball a bit. But, how many she-males happen to be diaper lovers, then??? Anf how many women are completely accepting of a diapered male in their lives???<br />
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I also agree, some she-males I've seen in my life look 1000% better than some of the overweight or otherwise physically (OR MENTALLY) unattractive (too breasty, wrong proportions, etc) females out there... <br />
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And, please girls, we all know you have certain things you find attractive in guys, too, so let's not pretend this is a sexist rant. Facts are just facts. If I were 300 lbs., I might be attracted to a 300 lb. girl, if you know what I mean. I'm over 6 ft tall, so if you like a shorty, then I was out of your dating pool (when I was dating) anyway, right?<p></p>

Thanks for being supportive. You rock!

Try it you will be blown away with the sex