Making You Mine

I knew from the moment I met you that I need to make you Mine.

I need to make you My foot slave, who each morning will slide a sheer silk stocking up over each of My gracefully extended legs, expertly lace and buckle My feet into the black patent leather boots with the metal stiletto heel you chose for Me, then polish those boots with your tongue until they gleam and the buckles and heel shine; and who each night will pamper Me with a foot bath, massage, and pedicure before worshipping Me with your mouth.

I need to make you My ****, who I will dress up in sexy lingerie, short skirts, see-through blouses, and high heels, then push you onto your knees in front of Me, grab a handful of your hair, jerk your head back, and thrust the ***** harnessed between My legs into your waiting mouth.

I need to make you My little one, who will latch your mouth tightly around My nipple and areola, and rest your head gently against Me so you can listen the sound of My heartbeat as you suckle.

I need to make you My submissive pet, who is as eager to be kept on a short leash and crawl on all fours behind Me as you are to sleep curled up at the foot of My bed.

I need to make you My masseuse, who will first use your strong hands to work every bit of tension from My aching muscles, and then to coax My body to ****** again and again and again.  
I need to make you My ***** by filling your mouth with a ball gag, pinning your handcuffed wrists tight against your back, and yanking your jeans down around your ankles before I bend you over the arm the sofa and **** your *** with My strap-on.

I need to make you My maid, and have you do My household chores wearing nothing but a black leather **** strap and a frilly pink apron.

I need to make you My plaything who, at a specified hour each night, will ***** and present yourself to Me by laying on your back on My bed, rock hard and with your legs spread. Some nights I will indulge My passion for Queening by moving you so your head is hanging off the edge of the bed, standing over you, lifting My skirt and spreading My legs, thrusting My wet sex and rosebud toward your mouth and probing tongue while toying with your nipples and your erection until I‘ve *** so much that I cannot support My own weight.  On others, I will take off My clothes, bind you spread-eagled, slide My tight ***** slowly down onto Your hard **** and ride you.  And every now and then, I will send you away without touching you or saying a word.

I need to make you My friend and love, the person who I can talk with about anything and everything; who will make out with Me like we did when we were teenagers; and who each night will wrap your body around Mine so I can fall asleep in your arms.

I need to make you Mine, and I won’t wait a second more.

ServeMistressP ServeMistressP
46-50, F
3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I hope you took phillstarz up on his off----he s/b easy to train.....

@phillstarz -- Thinking of you, My l.o., in all those different roles and more.<br />
<br />
@bifarmboy -- Mmmm, good boy, bfb. I knew from our first conversation that I'd have no trouble finding ways to amuse Myself with you...<br />
<br />
...starting with beating your adorable bi *** for all the mocking about where I'll be living after I move. <br />
<br />
BTW, I grew up less than 10 miles from where your mother went to high school...and I'm not going back. They couldn't handle Me when I visited for My 10th high school reunion, and that was years before Mistress P came to be. ~lol~ There is a certain appeal, however, about going back next year for My 30th reunion with My Master on one side of Me and a hot little ***** boy on the other...hmmmm....MMMmmmmm...

Speechless, think I just soaked my office!!!