Learning & Loving It

This is all very new to me. I am learning as I go. Actually we both are. We re both educated professionals. We are very much equals. We talk about everything, it's a loving & committed relationship. This is something we have mutually agreed upon.

Sexually, I have chosen the role I am most comfortable with which is one of being submissive. He is best suited to be dominant. It may bleed over into other areas but it hasn't caused us any problems. I'm not a doormat and he wouldn't want me if I was. I have a mind of my own and I'm not afraid to use it.

I find a certain freedom & release in being submissive. It's nothing that could be forced on me. I chose it for myself. I do call him my Master. I am his slutty *****. I do not feel degraded in any way. I do not feel as if I'm less of a human being or less of a woman. I actually feel much more in tune with my sexuality. I enjoy putting my man first and taking care of him in the way I think he deserves to be taken care of. I do serve him. My needs are met in every way. I feel very much taken care of too. There's something very arousing about the complete surrender of yourself only to find complete acceptance.

I don't know if there is a particular set of rules for these types of relationships. What we have works for us. I'm sure it's not for everyone. Some people are quite happy living within traditional roles. I was not.

Our relationship is not static. It's constantly evolving, growing and changing. I am happy, satisfied and completely fulfilled with my choice.
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Thank you for your comments bakkhose42

No flattery at all, it is entirely deserved.

Such flattery bakkhos42. Thank you. I only know my own experience so that's what I write.

Best of luck on your journey. I find your perspective thoughtful and fresh (as one might expect from a fellow academic of course).

Good to know others feel the same Whitecpl.

Great post Blue Sapphires!!! although we have been experimenting the D/S lifestyle involving another man our feelings are very very similar to yours!!!

That's good advice Michelle. Thank you.

It works for us. Thanks : )