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Although I have always had a very dominant personality, it hasn't really developed itself into the sexual areas of my life. Sure I was always the one leading things where I wanted them to go and my force of personality lead me to be with people that accepted my natural dominance. Recently an old friend asked me if I was a "freak"? One thing led to another and our interests were picqued! She was a closet sub...borderline slave.. and I am a true dom.. a newbie "master" !  It also turned out that we had a real interest in S&M as well. She is a REAL" pain ****" and I am MORE than happy to oblige her! My real enjoyment from inflicting certain amounts of pain have never entered my "normal" relationships beyond the usual lite bondage and spanking levels. My new sub has opened up a whole new world to me. it also seems that I can seperate my "normal everyday" relationship with my newfound "Dom/Sub" relationship. I look forward to growing this new lifestyle and look forward to teaching my sub new ways to experience the new, fun things she has discovered.
   Our newest goal is to meet new people that are in the lifestyle and learn a bit from them and perhaps share our experiences with them. It looks like a wild ride...

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Those rendevouz that I have...conveniently coincide with "other" business I somehow have outside the state. I am working on convincng her to join us in a 3 way..(wih an yt<br />
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Tim, I have a tendency to question all the odd/off stuff.<br />
So I have to ask:<br />
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Since you knew this woman prior to your wife, what does the wife have to say when you leave the house to visit the friend? She ever suggested coming with you and you had to screech the brakes and respond how? Or has she just come along and you all went out for dinner and acted like nothing was different?<br />
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I ask only because you made mention that in the bedroom your wife is submissive but outside of it she scares the 'shi7' out of you. So if you have managed to bring out part of her submissiveness, how much of a stretch would it be to suck her in with another?<br />
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I am asking in hypothetical here, not suggesting you do it. Thought I would give you a good mental image versus mine and those stuck keyboard keys of yours! HAHAHA!

Curiosity satiated..thank you. :)

I knew my sub long before I met my wife. My sub and I didn't really start our 'new" relationship until just before my marriage. My wife knows of my tendency to "gather rosebuds" as long as I am discreet, she loks the oher way. She is well satisfied in every possible way at home. Marriage is a catalyst that changes the dynamic in EVERY relationship..and it takes time and effort to build a long lasting marriage. We're still trying and fighting the good fight. I wish I could I could get my wife to embrace the lifestyle of a more "inclusve" sex life..but progress is SLOW but STEADY in that area.<br />
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Funny how things fall into your lap. I believe there's a reason for everything...<br />
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Don't answer this if it's too personal, but was your marriage on shaky ground before or after you met your sub?

You are correct. My wife is submissive in the bedroom and positively scares the shi7 out of me any other time (we actually are on very shaky ground in our relationship). My sub lives in another state and we see each other as often as possible and communicate daily. She is a total 24/7 sub to me, in every conceivable fashion. This has been the situation for quite a while now.<br />
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I'm starting to get a feel for your personality Tim. You're a pretty wild guy! Now, I take it this sub is not your wife.................<br />