Curious About The Dom/sub Lifestyle...

   To start, I am a twenty year old female in central Illinois; I have never had a long-term romantic relationship, nor have I been in a  sexual relationship.  It has taken me several years and experiences to come to the conclusion that this is due, in large part, to the fact that I have a dominant nature which many men find intimidating, and even unattractive.  That said, I am very interested in learning about the dominant/submissive relationship dynamic, and learning about appropriate and productive outlets for this facet of my personality.  Hopefully through the accounts on this site, and possibly through building information sharing relationships with site-members, I will be able to do so.
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Generous sub wealthy "older" man that wants to please. All I can expect with my small **** is to dream about satisfying women sexually, so I am very happy to satisfy them financially and jerk off to their pix if I am allowed.<br />
R U interested?

I am the same; never any long term serious relationships, never anything sexual.<br />
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Always wanted to be dominated by a woman in all relationships.<br />
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It'd be nice to learn about it with someone even purely cyberly

I wish you well on your journey, ktdlap08 -- the D/s dynamic is like nothing else.<br />
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I urge you to be cautious, though, about relying exclusively on online relationships with members of EP for your information. There are those here and elsewhere on the Internet whose ideas about D/s are rooted in works of fiction in which relationships are non-consensual and between two-dimensional characters rather than real people with real emotions and whose D/s relationships must co-exist with the responsibilities and demands of the vanilla real world.<br />
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I strongly recommend that you invest in a copy of "Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns" by Molly Devon and her late Master Philip Miller. IMO, there is no better resource out there about the realities and romance of D/s relationships and BDSM in general.<br />
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Welcome, and have fun while you learn. You've just boarded what can, with some common sense and patience, turn out to be the best ride of your life.