Extremely Curious

I guess i start off by saying that i am very new to this, I am in my mid twenties and have limited sexual experience. Nothing against the guys I've been with, I always felt that there was something missing, they never seemed to take charge how i would have liked. It never occurred to me to look into the D/s lifestyle until I was reading a few stories. What would be the best way to learn about the BDSM lifestile? I just dont want to jump in without knowing fully what i'm getting into and being safe about it.

laffin83 laffin83
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I am willing to help guide you through and share info on your interest. If you are interested to learn more drop me an email here at ep and let Me know where you wish to begin ;)

Well, Laffin, first you need to think about what you really crave. <br />
Do you want to be in control (domestically and/or sexually) and be worshipped like a Goddess, or do you want to be the submissive serving your master (or mistress). <br />
I think that in our society women tend to gravitate toward the latter, EVEN if deep down they want the former.