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Mind you I am NOT the author of this.I read it, liked it and wanted to share with you all. Here goes.....

I came home from my interview at the Honors College to find Luvbunny in bed, naked. I quickly shed my clothes and slipped under the covers next to her, holding her close. We lay there spooning for a few minutes as I told her about the interview and the offer of a place at the college. As I got towards the end of the story, the conversation devolved into kissing and fondling.

We had planned for this playtime, and it didn’t take long for me to transition from prospective student to husband and dominant partner. I pulled the blanket down, exposing luvbunny’s voluptuous curves to my gaze, and my hands followed my eyes, roaming over her body. Hunger and need grew inside of me as I touched her, claiming her as mine again. Gentle touches, however, quickly gave way to more insistent contact. I moved her to where I wanted her – there was no asking her, or even telling her to adjust. I simply placed her body where I wanted it to be: stretched out and face down, so I had easy access to her bare backside.

I explored her skin with my fingers for a few moments, and then I broke the contact briefly, only to reconnect with more force as I began to spank her *** and thighs. I was conscious of the fact that it had been a little while, so I started slow: one or two spankings followed by gently rubbing her skin for a few moments. That didn’t last very long, though, as the need inside of me was growing with every touch. I started to spank her harder, my hand contacting her flesh with more force. I smiled as I saw the pale skin of her *** and thighs begin to turn pink. I pushed: spanking her even harder until she responded with, “OW!”

I stopped and rubbed her warming skin, sliding my hand between her thighs. She opened her legs, allowing my fingers access and I lightly brushed them over her slit. She pushed back against my touch but I pulled away, teasing. I leaned down and kissed the pink skin on her backside and inhaled her scent: the intoxicating perfume of her arousal. The kiss became more primal as my lips pulled back and my teeth found her tender skin. I felt the hunger grow as she moved under me. I wanted to take her, to posses her.

As she moved, half trying to get away from my teeth and half trying to get closer, my fingertip brushed over her **** and she moaned. I slid my finger beside it, teasing again, pulling away as she pushed herself closer, circling when she tried to find direct contact, and then, unexpectedly, rubbing her clitoral hood directly. She stiffened in a small ******.

I sat up again, letting her close her legs and she turned her head and asked, “I am allowed to come, aren’t I, sir?”

“I haven’t told you otherwise, little one,” I responded. “Yet.”

I slipped off of the bed and found the toy bag, pulling it out of hiding. I opened the bag and took out my red flogger. Today was the day to try a couple of new things I had picked up. I draped the flogger over her back, letting her feel what I was going to use. She sighed as she felt the falls touch her. I moved the flogger, letting the tips of the falls barely touch her skin and she shivered. Once I found where I needed to stand, I began to swing the flogger in circles from my wrist, making the tapered ends of the suede falls stroke her skin as they swung by.

I settled into a rhythm with the flogger and Luvbunny began to relax into the mattress as the flying strands slapped her shoulders, back and ***. I watched and listened as she began to float, slipping into her subspace. I felt connected to her again, as if there was a measurable energy flowing between us. The need I had been feeling fed from the energy and grew more insistent. I rode the wave, flogging luvbunny until she was pink from her shoulders to her thighs, slowly backing off until the swinging falls of the flogger no longer kissed her skin as they went by.

I tossed the flogger onto the bed and ran my hands over her body again, wanting to feel her, needing to touch her, to connect even more, to make sure she knew I was there for her, and with her. I ran my hand up her back, over her neck and into her hair, pulling her head up from the pillow. She blinked a few times and I saw that her eyes were glassy from endorphins. I smiled and kissed her lips, and then let her head back down onto the pillow.

She tried to turn her head as I went back to the toy bag, but she wasn’t able to see what I picked up next: two paddles – one dual sided leather and fake fur, and one rubber. I rubbed the fake fur over her ***, soothing the sting from the flogger, and then flipped it to spank her with the leather side. The change made her gasp, but she relaxed even more when the fake fur touched her skin again. I did this a few times until she expected it, and then, instead of flipping to the leather side of the paddle, I spanked her with the rubber paddle. Her head came up a bit and she drew in a breath sharply at the harsher sting of the rubber paddle. I continued the sensation changes: fake fur to leather to fake fur to rubber as I felt her let go even more.

I stopped long enough to slide my fingers between her legs again and found her very wet. I leaned down close to her ear and whispered just loud enough for her to hear me, “Little one? Can you hear me?”

She nodded.

“No more ******* for you until I say. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“You don’t get to come again today until I come in your ****.”

She groaned, but nodded.

I tossed the paddles aside and picked up the Hitachi. She made no attempt to see what I was going to use on her this time, and spread her legs for me eagerly when I touched her thighs. She gasped as I placed the head of the Hitachi against her labia and ****, and began to say, “Oh no, no, no, please, no sir …” as I helped her close her legs to hold it in place. I turned the Hitachi on low and she jumped as the vibrations touched her.

I picked up my tawse and lightly slid the leather over her *** to let her know what was coming next. She didn’t respond, so I began to swing it lightly. Each touch made her shift, and each shift pushed the Hitachi more tightly against her. She began to moan, softly at first, but louder as I continued. As if triggered by her moans, my need and hunger intersected at an idea that I wasted no time acting on.

I lifted her head and moved her pillow away, and then slid onto the bed in front of her, leaning back against the headboard. Luvbunny’s face was right over my **** and she only looked at me for a moment before taking me into her mouth. She sucked, licked and swirled her tongue, pushing down until she gagged. I raked my nails over her back, leaving marks several inches long. She looked up at me for a moment, and then pushed her head down again, pushing as far as she could, taking me all the way into her mouth again.

I gasped and said, “You’re my little ****, aren’t you?”

She replied with “Mmmhmm,” the vibrations of her mumbling making me even harder.

I twined the fingers of my left hand into her hair and held on, and then swung the tawse with my right hand, the leather tails slapping across her *** with a loud smack once, then twice. She jumped a little, then continued. She lifted her head, using her lips and tongue on the head of my ****. I reached down under her and grabbed her breasts, squeezing hard until she moaned.

She lifted her head to take a breath and I grabbed a handful of her hair, holding her head up. She looked up at me and I said, “You’re a good little **** toy.”

She smiled and ducked her head back down, taking me in her mouth again.

I twisted my fingers in her hair and said, “get ready – this will be hard.” I waited for her to take a breath, and then pushed her head down until she couldn’t go any further. I held her head down and I swung the tawse hard – twice. She held her position, but I could feel her nearly give out from the sensations of the strikes from the tawse, me holding her head down with my **** in her mouth and the Hitachi still insistently vibrating against her ****.

I let her lift her head to catch her breath, and then pushed her down again. Once more swinging the tawse hard. She relaxed into the strikes this time. I lifted her head so she could breathe again, and then pushed her down until she was gagging on my ****. This time, when I swung the tawse, it felt like she almost melted.

I carefully slid off of the bed and removed the Hitachi. Luvbunny slumped against the mattress. I moved her again, positioning her on her back with her head off the edge of the mattress, and then went to get a few more items: the glass ***** and two pair of unseparated chopsticks. I stood over her head and leaned forward, spreading her legs and slowly sliding the ***** into her *****. She pushed her hips up to take it in all the way, and then sank into the bed again. I stood up pinched her nipples to make them stand up, and then put the chopsticks on them like clamps. She moaned as the wood squeezed her nipples, and moaned louder when I licked her nipples.

I picked up the Hitachi and moved it close to her hips, and then I adjusted my hips so that my **** was touching her lips. She opened her mouth quickly and I slid inside, leaning over her to put the Hitachi against her **** again. I turned the Hitachi on low and began to work the ***** in and out. As she began to move her hips, I started to move mine, ******* her mouth.

I was about lost to my fire of need inside by now, and I mumbled and spoke half phrases as I ****** her two ways. Twice, I had to pull back to keep from coming in her mouth – my intent had always been to allow her another ******, but damn it was difficult to hold back. The third time I reminded her that if I came in her mouth – which she was about to cause – she wouldn’t get to come until later, so she backed off a little.

Something clicked into place and I told her that I might just do that anyway. She protested briefly, but went right back to sucking my ****. I pulled back and stood up, my **** just inches above her face, and I began to stroke myself, telling her I might just come on her breasts while she watched, making her wait until later. She protested again, but her hips began bucking harder against the Hitachi.

I leaned down and pushed my **** into her mouth again, using this newly found idea to **** her mind while I ****** her body in two ways. She began to shiver under me, and then started batting at the Hitachi with her hands and moaning around my **** in a way that I recognized: she was about to ******, and couldn’t hold it off much longer. I turned the Hitachi off and stopped moving until she calmed down a little. Then I started up again. It only took a few moments until she was signaling that she couldn’t stop her impending ****** yet again, to I turned the Hitachi off and set it aside. I slowly slid the ***** out and then stood up, letting my **** slide out of her mouth.

She looked up at me with glassy eyes, barely able to move as I removed the chopsticks from her nipples. I quickly moved the discarded toys out of the way and turned Luvbunny so that she was on the bed completely. She lay there watching me, unable to help as I put her into the position I wanted and climbed into the bed to kneel between her legs. I leaned forward and kissed her lips as I slid inside of her *****, finally taking her.

She sighed as I entered her, pushing her hips up to meet mine as much as she could. I lifted her hands above her head and held them there as I started thrusting. Luvbunny’s eyes rolled back and half closed. I felt her shiver under me and barely heard her whisper, “Please?”

I kissed her hard, no longer holding back. I pinned her to the bed as I thrust into her, feeling the fire building inside, stoked higher by her simple begging, until I knew I couldn’t stop it if I had to.

I kissed her again and whispered, “Come with me, little one.”

She shuddered as her ****** crashed over her. Her spasms pushed me over the edge and I came inside of her.

I manged to get my knees and elbows under me so she could breathe, and we stayed there for several minutes, neither of us able or willing to move
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Incredible....liked this very much!

Again Sir FANTASTIC !!<br />
Who ever she was, she was very lucky indeed and the cockloid was a Master himself at what he does !