I Am New And Have Only Had Little Submissing To Do Yet.

I have just began the submissive role. I have only been asked to do some writting about myself for him to read. He say if I am good he will choice me. I want him to choice me. He has asked me to quit smoking and I have cut down my smoking but have not been able to quit yet. I want too because it will be good for me and he wants me too stop because I know he cares about me.Because if he didnt he would not care if I smoked. right????
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Sorry, but your first comment on here was not over the top enough, and I did not realize that you were being sarcastic. I took that whole absurd oral fixation / throat massage / whipped to ****** thing as if you actually meant it. My apologies.<br />
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"Thunder" is always suspicious too.

I have noticed that "Doms" who use the word dragon in their screen names are usually insecure fakers.<br />
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But anyway, I hope tinaparrot will keep us posted. A good Dom is fatherly towards any sub that he takes responsability for. So the requirement not to smoke is indeed a good start.

bob, I am a total @*******. Go read my stories, which yes any creative faker can make up. Then read my comments.

While I use the shorthand Dom and have even let certain women call me master or refer to me as master, I find all of that rather pretentious.

This name is a screen name I have used for about 25 years. the dragon connected to my name goes back to when I was three. I have found anyone who needs to worry about a guy's screen name is far more insecure than I will ever be. But after reading some of the stuff you have written, makes me think I should stop calling myself an *******. Very few of us can be as domish as you are bob.

OMG I laughed at this Dragon. But then I cried: "What do I do with these?" *facepalm* <br />
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Interesting that you've been on both sides and can relate to waiting for a sub to call you and verify that she is ok. The irony is, once that verification is taken care of, you can relax and get to know one another, so it benefits both.<br />
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In fairness, it takes a creative man to scatter someone across 4 states... I mean, nobody could call him lazy or unmotivated. I like to give credit where it's due.<br />
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Oh - I'd pay a great deal of money to see the $3000,00 brick/phone. Even more if someone would walk around talking on one. (Love the antennae too, lol, the size of a small tree.)

Wel I am one of these 'weirdo' doms. I think women who give themselves to me so fully they can be shared with others are Love Goddesses. I have not a tat, own two leather belts and some leather shoes, oh god yes a leather briefcase (don't that make me macho!) Cry at chick flicks, which I think are anybody flicks but you know those pole up the butt Real men ( I use the uptight @sshole shorthand), do just a whole host of things which step WAY outside the boundaries of a truly PC dom.<br />
Non-the-less, yes too many are so eager to submit and have ben dreaming for so long they can frequently lose their minds.<br />
I remember some years ago insisting a girl coming to meet me bring a friend, she was all OMG I don;t want my friends to know I like kinky stuff. I said just tell her you are meeting a guy for a first date.<br />
I walked in with the documents (totally unexpected), they were standing around like what do I do with these and I just explained safety, then asked who was their call person, which I had insisted they set up, we called and then I set my cell phone alarm to call at the set times because I have been that ******* guy waiting for the call while the stupid sub lost her goddamned mind and I was holy **** how many hours before I call the police! Finally called the restaurant, this one was pre-cell well maybe we had those $3,000 bricks!, and she was still there I got the dom on the phone and ripped him a new ******* after tearing into her. OK rant almost subsided.<br />
Christ any of you reading this who ARE going out first dates follow these guidelines and call that back up person regularly, they are your friends and they are sitting at home worrying, praying you have found to partner of your dreams fearing they are going to read about your corpse found scatted in 4 states with the head still missing. Hope that is graphic enough for you to have empathy for that friend of yours.<br />
Be careful there are too many **** Cheneys out there in the world.

GENIUS advice dragonofjapan, in regards to verification. (I'll leave the multiple **** sucking up to the individuals ;-) I hope Doms/subs read this over and over. Kudos to you for having such concern and consideration for the safety of the submissive. I think potential Dom's should be held to a high standard considering that the sub should essentially need to trust his/her Dom with their entire being. <br />
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I know there are many newer subs out there that would be too intimidated to ask for this information (not me, lol), so I respect and appreciate that a Dom would be the one to state that this is not unreasonable. The sub, in turn, should absolutely respect and honour this openess (and frankly, vulnerability on the part of the Dom to some extent). <br />
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Thank you for this :)

Quitting smoking is rather easy. One big part is an oral fixation. That is solved by having a master provide a number of men whose ***** you can put into your mouth when that oral need rises up within you.<br />
The second part is the addiction to nicotine which uses the same receptors as opiates and endorphins. Exercise and whipping are excellent ways to get an endorphin release.<br />
I enjoy whipping or having my servess while her throat is being used, kneeling, she can seat herself on another servess's mouth.<br />
You will find your addiction for nicotine will be replaced by an addiction for having your throat massaged, while being whipped as your ***** is licked taking again and again to climaxes.<br />
This is certainly the best way I know of.<br />
As to time, you know someone. I think the year rule is absurd. However, if you are meeting someone over the net, you should meet only in public, bring a friend, have a backup call person.<br />
That dominant at that point should be totally up front with name, address, phone number and a copy of two bills like electric and phone which show clearly who he is and where he lives as well as a copy of a driver's license which match the addresses on his bills. He gives you copies of everything and shows the originals as proof he is real and not a master of photoshop.<br />
This will weed out 99% of psycho, but also weed out the guy who tells you he is single and IS NOT. If he is married and is doing this with his wife's permission, you have all that information and should be able to talk directly with her.<br />
When you meet, you and your friend call the back-up person to let them know you have arrived. Your 'date' should present the documentation to your friend who will go sit someplace else, check the stuff out, take photos of everything and send that to the back-up person.<br />
Anyone who will not agree to these things is either hiding something, i.e. wife or true identity or is a coward and who needs a chicken dom/ boyfriend.

rick?<br />
I am quite curious.<br />
Can you explain why you say a year?<br />
Inquiring mind here asking.

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I gave this posted on your other story:<br />
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