First Step

I went out on Friday night to see my friend's band. Afterwards we all went out and their guitarist caught my eye. Unknown to me i'd caught his eye months earlier when I kept cropping up in his friend's group photos on Facebook. I guess neither of us were on the ball because it took the intervention of the bassist's girlfriend the next day to get us talking. 

Being the meddling matchmaker she arranged a BBQ for the Sunday so we could meet up. Our first kiss was interrupted when not only did the ceiling start leaking, but we were busted by my son who ran outside to announce it to EVERYONE!

Several more days of texting back and forth and he came round on Wednesday night for our first date. 

…..Well for those of you that know me you'd probably understand why he barely made it through the front door before we were caught up in a pretty, hot and heavy kiss. He made a joke about only coming round to watch a dvd, so I made us drinks and hit play. I sat next to him and he immediately started to kiss my neck, then turned my head towards him. It wasn't long before his shirt was on the floor followed by mine. 

I bite his lip and he smacks my ***. My answering growl had him asking "Oh you like that?" I nod and he kisses and nibbles my neck as he unhooks my bra. He lets slip a growl of his own as he spies my pierced nipples. Taking each one in turn to tease and torment. His hot tongue swirling, then his teeth would nip hard. Before the pain had time to register his mouth would already be nursing both of our desires. 

His hands dip down into my jeans to caress my ***. He lifted me to my feet as he tore away the rest of my clothes. His eyes went wide at finding more hidden treasures glinting between my legs. He had me over his knee so fast my head span. He held both wrists in one hand while his fingers traced along my wetness and over my piercings. The moment I relaxed into a moan, his hand slapped across my bare cheek. A quick hitch of my breath and his fingers went back to their soothing path. This time when he stopped I braced for impact, but there was none. As my body loosened he'd strike again. The warmth spread and as he sat me on his lap I could feel the heat from his hands burn through my flesh. 


I knelt between his legs. Gripping his base in one hand, I licked a slow line up to the tip. Watching his face I flicked my tongue back and forth. I slide my lips over him and as his head went back I clawed my nails down his thighs. I could see his eyes burn as he fisted his hand into my hair. Torn between forcing himself deeper and pushing me too far, his patience soon ran out before he pulled me up to his face. 


We were working up quite a sweat and sticking to the leather couch so I invited him up to the bedroom. "I could follow you up stairs all day" he said with a grin on his face. Shutting the door we dropped to the bed. He muzzled my breasts as he prepared himself. Flipping me over he pushed his way inside as he grasped my hips. His hand left another stinging trail. Held against him with his huge paw around my throat he bit down on my shoulder. I turned my head in defiance "Harder!" Yanking my arms behind my back my face now in the pillows, he clutched my wrists easily with one hand. His other hand cupped over my mouth and pinched off my nose. He did this three times each time cutting my breathing a few seconds longer. I could feel the sweat starting to glisten over my back. His own breath sending a cold chill dancing over my skin. 


I twisted my face to gaze at him and that's when he stopped abruptly. I was puzzled until I wiped the hair from my face. My hair and face were covered in blood. My nose dripped blood down my chest as I reached for the tissues. The damp patch on the pillow hadn't been sweat but my blood. During the breath play my nose stud must have perforated the inside on my nostril a few times. He took the tissues from my hands and began to wipe away the blood. Smoothing my hair behind my ear he apologised. I told him I hadn't even felt it. He smiled "Even like this you still look hot!"


That wasn't the end of the fun. We stayed up into the early hours and only managed two hours sleep. When his alarm went off for work we snuck in an extra session before he left under the glare of one of my neighbours. 


He liked me when he thought I was a good, quiet girl. Now he knows i'm up for his kinky games ……..Well I think it's safe to say we'll be having a whole bunch of fun together. I may have to invest in more long sleeve tops though. I had six visible bite marks to my shoulders and a bruise to my arm I had to cover the next day. 


I should be seeing him again tonight at his place. There has been whispers of ropes and a box of toys…………

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erotically arousing, sensual pleasures come in all forms....he found some of your sweet spots.

Oh My God - how wonderful

We're organising a street party for you in Termonfeckin. Yippee, yippee, yippee.

Damn...where is mine? lol

Oh Bleed !!!! ..... hot ... hot .... HOT !!!

Come to the dark side Bleed! Your EP name is apparently very appropriate...(Lol... "I could follow you up stairs all day" ) That's my girl, you WORK it! <br />
<br />
Do let me know what was in the toy box...;-)

Oh Ruby you'd love it!.......ropes, real handcuffs (not those flimsy ones), rubber whip, cane, pegs and clamps...........*starts daydreaming*....i'll tell you about the rest another time ;)


My heart in pounding after reading that. Delicious. <3<br />
& some blood thrown in too. You're perfect date I think. ;D