Your Text ... My Smile

Your short, crisp text to me simply read, check email. I couldn't help but smile. You were up to something for sure. You knew as we had spoken only hours earlier I'd be at a business dinner. You were playing with me and I loved the instant breathless anticipation. Even at middle age, I’m still a curious and frisky 18- year old.

A quick dash to the men's room and into the stall. Subject: Come with me and Liv

“Who the hell is Liv,” I'm thinking? Opening the Email on the iPhone my curiosity is hardly sated. There’s only an audio file. No message. No sexy note or description. A quick debate with myself. Should I listen here?

What do you think? I click on the file. A 10.4MB download. ****! I can't be gone for that long. ****! What have you sent? Damn the anticipation. Damn your cunning.

Back to dinner. Mind racing. Now the faces and the talk are of less importance. I pray my impatience isn’t noticed. Hurry and eat I'm thinking. One of the longest business dinners ever I'm convinced. Finally, good evening handshakes behind me I make a beeline to my car and back to email.

File download "complete.” Play. I turn up the volume. “Huh?” I hear what sounds like buzzing. “Zzzzzzz!” Bees on steroids? What in the world? I strain to hear anything beyond buzzing.

Two minutes in and a faint “Ahhh!” And then another. It’s YOU. Then “Ohhhh!” More buzzing ... more rapid fluctuation between clear and muffled.


“Come with me and Liv.” I get it! “Liv” is your new portable vibrator. The Liv by Lelo, purple of course, has, as you told me, a motor powerful enough that can “cut grass.”

Pants down, **** in hand and hard in an instant.

Your breathing and moans are now as distinguishable as the Liv’s constant buzz. No words but the murmurs of pleasure,
“Oooghs!”, “Aaaagh” and “Mmmms,” are louder, spaced right after the other and are far clearer in meaning than any words.

And then, I can't believe what I am hearing, a voice. Your voice. I'm so ******* ready to explode.

Eight minutes in, three urgent, yearning words: “I'm c-u-m-m-i-n-g R***. I’M *******!” And a guttural, animal release from deep within.

I explode within seconds. Lights from the restaurant still in view.

Leaning back, a sweaty *** covered mess, I listen as your breathing slowly subsides.

I think again for the millionth time how amazing you are. How lucky I am. How close I feel to you.

The recording ends without another word. All I could do was smile.
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4 Responses Jun 9, 2012

Thanks for sharing going to have to try out the LIV...oh goodie a new toy...yummie

*******. hot.

Hmmm...i might have to check this toy out myself! She always finds the best stuff out there:)

LOL..why not now?

Lelo huh?....My favorite line of toys....and I think I may have just check this Liv out ....those are the best vibrators around...whew...<br />
<br />
now back to coffee....and daydreams