The Discipline Questionnaire

I’ve had a lifelong interest in disciplining women. For a long time I advertised privately and met with females in a safe environment where I could conduct a therapeutic session according to her needs/requirements. Over the years I met and worked with many women looking for reassurance and/or information about spanking-related issues, as well as a fair number who simply wanted to be taken in hand and dealt with firmly. To help break the ice and ease them into the subject - and also to help me when I came to carry out the punishment - I would start by sending them a questionnaire, to get them thinking about the reality of the step they were about to take. I thought it might be of interest to members of this group, so I’ve reproduced a slightly amended version of it below.

More recently I have confined myself to an online existence talking to others about the subject and sometimes conducting cyber training or discipline sessions. Feel free to fill in the questionnaire and send it back to me if you wish (just send a friend request if necessary). Here’s the questions:

Please give me a brief description of yourself. Just the basics plus anything else you want to tell me.

Why do you want to be disciplined? Is there any particular roleplay or scenario you want to act out?

How are you going to be dressed for the session? Everything please, including underwear.

How hard a punishment do you need? (My preference is for hand or slipper, but I can be flexible.) Choose from this list:
Light / Medium / Hard

In what position do you want to be disciplined? Choose from this list:
OTK / Over a chair / Over a desk / Indoors / Outdoors / Other (please state)

What tone do I need to take with you? Choose as many as you like from those listed or add your own:
Stern / Authoritarian / Fatherly / Matter-of-fact / Disinterested - just doing my job / Amused / Angry / Very Angry / Soothing / Sympathetic / Playful / Other (please state)

How are you likely to feel once the punishment starts? Choose as many as you like from those listed or add your own:
Stroppy / Angry / Full of fight / Fed up / Excited / Sexually aroused / Embarrassed / Humiliated / Compliant / Tearful / Screaming / Noisy / Defeated / Other (please state)

How do you want to receive the punishment? Choose from this list:
Over clothes (skirt/trousers) / Over underwear / On your bare bottom / Other (please state)

When it comes to an end do you require me to do anything extra?
To let you bring yourself to ****** / To do it for you / To take you sexually / None of these / Other (please state)

Do you have any other limits / concerns you want to raise?
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2 Responses Jun 10, 2012

This seems like a very good way to create a secure atmosphere. You know exactly what she wants and she knows exactly what you're going to do. Very intriguing :)

Very interesting.