Your Knickers Are Coming Down Tonight

Your knickers are coming down tonight. You'll stand in front of me and I will tell you to lower them. You'll fidget, squirm a bit and look imploringly at me. After a few seconds you'll know that I will not be placated. Reluctantly your hands will reach up under your skirt and slide your pants down to your knees. I will then tell you to raise your skirt and - again reluctantly - you will do so. You will stand awkwardly with your skirt bunched up in your hands while I stare at you. Being seated, my eyes will be in line with your *****. I will look at the shaved mound for about fifteen seconds, then make a circular motion with my fingers, indicating that you should turn around. You will obediently shuffle round, your knickers now around your ankles. Your bottom will now be presented to me. I will reach out and draw the palm of my hand across your cheeks. It feels cold. You are nervous. And yet you know what is to happen. I will say just one word: "Chair". You will shuffle across to the armchair and lay yourself across it, face down, your skirt still bunched up around your waist, your knickers at your ankles. And wait, for the punishment to come....
Smackerbottom Smackerbottom
56-60, M
Jun 16, 2012