Just Learning

I want to learn more. I am young and I don't want to jump into anything. I know I am naturally dominate, and I know I could never be submissive. But I want to learn about both ends of the stick. I want the whole picture before I jump into something. So if you are looking to teach, not through touch but with words could you help me out? I want to know more about what its like to live in the scene before I Jump into something. I have been looking at the stories here and in other places but I would really like some one to tell me personally what the pros and the cons are. Please message me! <3
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2012

i also am trying to learn.Ive always been the giving kind,so i see myself as a submissive.i have learned lately that subs are mostly seen as strong because it is a choice weve made<br />
to serve and obey.To put the dominate one always 1st.The idea of knowing that at the end of the day,the only thing that matters,the only thing i need to concern myself with is pleasing Mistress is the driving force that keeps me searching for Her.To give up control<br />
to her and bask in her warmth when i have pleased her in any way or even to accept<br />
punishment if i fail Her.This would be the best way i can think of to live my life.

No problem miss add me please and we can chat. Thank you...