Sometimes as a woman you have to make concessions for

your man... I am fully on board with this... just takes me

by surprise sometimes....

I just got home from a long day and an amazing

workout... couldn't wait to get in the shower! The hot

water feels so good running down my body... then the

shower curtain is ripped open and my man grabs me by

the hair.. " Get on your knees!" I'm shocked and thinking I

don't want to kneel in the tub, its going to hurt. "I SAID get

on your knees!" I got on my knees in the tubwith the

shower still running... water running all over my face

now. He pulled my head back by my hair and pressed his

throbbing **** against my lips. I took him deep in my

mouth as he pulled my head down hard on him... his balls

were under my chin as he grinded against my face. I

could feel my knees burning from the hard porcelain

praying he would let me up soon... but like a good girl I

continued swallowing him... Just as I was feeling his ****

start to jerk in my mouth he pulledme off... regrouping

for a minute.. he obviously wasn't ready to be done with

me.I could barely see or breath through the steady stream

of the shower when he pulled me out of the tub... " get in

the bed on your knees... & hold your *** wide open so I

can see both holes!" I did exactly what he asked and

waited with anticipation. He loves making my anxiety

level rise, not knowing when he will come in.. I think I

was bent over with my *** in my hands for at least 20

min. before he entered the room... He smacked my ***

hard.. making me jump. "You better take it!" He spanked

my hard again... this time shoving his fingers inside me

after the strike. "Good Girl... nice and wet." Its scares me a

little but i love when he takes control! He got behind me

and placed the head of his **** between my throbbing

***** lips. Then he leaned forward and put his hand

around my throat and whispered " Your Mine!" He

tightened his grip around my throat as he thrust deep

inside my aching *****... ******* me deep as he choked

me. I could barely breathe as he rammed his **** deep

inside me... "take this **** little *****!" he grabbed my

throat harder & just as I was feeling all the blood come

into my face he shot his *** deep inside me... letting out

a guttural scream as he cam... he pulled out and spanked

me hard a few more times... pushed me down on the bed

as he got up. "Now get your *** back in the tub!" that's

exactly what I did... I know when to listen.
Trueredwoman Trueredwoman
36-40, F
2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Awesome. I wish I had a dominating man. I desire it, but like you, my desires scare me a little

your a good slave for obeying the commands