Being Trained As A Sub...

to become a submissive and to be trained means to be challenged, to be guided to become a stronger and "better" person. what exactly is meant by "better" is upon the wishes and the experience of the trainee and will be decided after the first sessions. It can vary from being able give away control, dealing with pain, raise confidence, get rid of issues and bad habits, to deal with the past, exploring (sexual) limits (...) or to just exploring the desire to submit.

training tools (e.g. rules, discipline, punishment, control, tasks, essays or a daily routine) should be adjusted to the needs of the sub and the goal of her training. sadly (often) less experienced (or just unmotivated?) masters just put every sub through the same road... from my experience this helps understanding the principles of submission - but often fails to develop the individual.

i m not a big fan of training someone inexperienced to become a slave. i like my subs (at least after the training) being strong and confident - because being submissive and giving away control over body and mind doesn t mean to be weak at all... this might be one of the reasons why even dominant women seek advice to explore their submissive part - be it either as a challenge (leading to growth) or curiosity-driven...
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Thanks for the info

only women?

yes, i train women... if that was the question.

ha, no.
i meant, does the general information
you are writing only apply to women.

since it s general information about how i define my trainings, it should apply to both, men and women. but since my only experience is with women, this is also my only area of expertise.