Satisfied, Sir?

The importance of obeying and respecting my Dom is so that we can build a solid foundation. It is important to be obiedent so that he doesn't have to take time out of his busy schedule to enforce punishments. I should not disobey my Dom because he deserves more respect than that. This is built on trust. It is about my Dom being able to trust that I make the right decisions when he can't see . He shouldn't have to worry about me making the same mistakes over and over again. I do not want to disappoint him in any way, therefore I know to do as I'm told . This goes beyond the sexual journey, it is an intimate / trusting relationship between my Dom and myself, if he can't trust me then he has every reason to release me. It is important to be open and honest so that he may get to know anything he wishes to know about me. I'm not to question his position or authority. He knows what he is doing and i need to realize that no matter what i do he will know. I've read the application and I know what is expected of me. It is important to my Dom that I know I am here for his pleasure and whatever is needed to please him is what I should do. It's important that he doesn't doubt me and that I give him no reason to. It is important to do my tasks on time so that he is not waiting on me. He is not to wait on me, that is being selfish. He is a very patient Dom and I need to not take advantage of that.
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wow..that hit home!