All New To Me.

After 25 year marriage, sporadic, vanilla sex, BOTH of our faults, divorce.
I've met a completely unique slightly younger, 7 years, woman. Has let me know she is intrigued by the Dominate/submissive lifestyle, and has asked me to join her.
I'm completely without clue on how to proceed. I care very much for her and I know this is an incredible turn-on for her. I'm wasn't overly aggresive in bed with the ex, but she was never one to accept my intiating sex. I could be Dominate, but it never worked for her. I want to learn how to be what my new woman needs. I can be dominate, but am not sure how to intially begin. She seems to be literally willing to lead me by the hand, but I'm astute enough to know that she would just as soon let go of my hand and accept my perhaps using it to guide HER.
I'm sure there has to be enough of you out there that perhaps began the same way as I. Can some one send a bit of advice my way as to a good way to break the ice on my part?
mrmc54 mrmc54
51-55, M
Nov 28, 2012