I Live The D/s Lifestyle

I live the D/S lifestyle currently. I've only been into it seriously for about three weeks so I'm still learning alot of it. My curiousity about is in the actual daddy dom/baby girl relationship. I am forbidden by the Master to call him Daddy. He just don't like the way it sounds when it's spoken towards him. My question about the daddy dom/baby girl thing is how does it work? What roles would I play in it? How does it work? I'm really curious but kinda afraid to bring it up to Sir because I don't want him to think I'm totally ****** up more than I already am lol.
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It is very intense with the older man, younger woman daddy type relationship. Your "sir" or Daddy is very lucky..

What have you learned about it?

DIfferent people want different things. The daddy/baby is much different than the master slave. There is not time and place to discuss the differences here. But I suggest you learn them and get a better definition of what you want. Each relationship is different and will develope over time. But you need to be sure your wants match his very early on. If not be careful not to be stuck in something long term you do not want. It can be very good when your desires and the dom's complement each other. When they do not it can end very bad. I have talked to many women on here who wanted a master and had no idea what they expected or desired. You are placing the responisibility for your pleasure in another person's hands. When you are setting that up, you have rights to let your expectations and desires be fully known. In fact you should do just that. And if you cannot communicate that freely, there is a problem. Too many people here and other places on the internet are saying they want to be a sub and then taking the first offer than comes along. It is a Godawful mess and there are far too many stories of the damage done when things went wrong. Maybe read some of those as they are here on EP. Along with all the fake dom's who only want a slave and have no idea of their repsonsibilities and what is involved.

The Daddy/baby girl relationship has just as many meanings as Master/slave or Dom/sub. Its all what you think it is.. or you both think it is. In his mind when he hears you say Daddy it could be that he thinks you want to do age play with him. And he wants a woman and not a little girl.

There are people who think that Daddy/baby girl is strictly age play. Him being how ever old he really is and you being a little girl.. which could be from baby to teens. Some people enjoy that kind of play. He most likely is not one of them and calling him Daddy raises red flags for him. But that kind of play for some Doms/subs has certain aspects that some people like. In some relationships there is a little more care and nurturing. Maybe a little more roll playing and less pain play. But again everyone's definition is different.

Some Doms don't mind being called Daddy. I have been called Daddy in the past and I have never actually been involved in Daddy/daughter play. I find it a caring reference and less strict then Sir. And while I do do pain type play I am a very caring and nurturing Dom. I would say I have a little Daddy streak in me when someone wants to know about me. If your guy cares about you then talk to him about it.

Oh.. so he does actually do Daddy/baby girl play? Some people are just stuck on titles. He sounds like one of them. I think any title said with respect is fine with me. But again everyone sees things differently. Maybe he wants to keep the Daddy play completely separate from everything else and might not want you to say Daddy if out in a public setting. Seeing as how someone might get the wrong idea.

But I would talk to him if you feel strongly about it. Just bring up the subject politely and state your point. Or just ask about it a way that says you want to learn. He should not have issue with you wanting to learn.. that is what he is there for.

That is kinda odd then. I guess maybe that is just something he wants completely private for you guys. If so he might have explained it a little better to you. Some Dom/Masters forget that they still have to communicate effectively.

I like my girl in pigtails too... just because she is really cute that way. :)

Long distance does make it harder when communication is so key to this type of relationship. He may not know how to explain it to you. Although he should at least try.

My internet daughter became very real " to Me ". She wanted "******". It was very hard to. She seduced me, but not always. We talked for hours, discussed feelings I had as a 15 year old when I was attracted to my younger cousin. I know talking things through helps. We can talk further, can't we ? Don