My Forced Celibacy

It was a message like no other and it had what I expected for her the desired effect: Seething, unmitigated jealousy.

A mere week into my celibacy challenge from Mistress, a full month without ******* until my holiday vacation at my home in Florida (and, hopefully seeing her), here was an email from an unrecognized address that simply rocked me.

“Mistress instructed me to send you this picture.”

The attachment was outrageous, poor quality but self-evident, and exactly like the picture I sent to her during the first days of my, as she put it, “Herculean tasks.” It was a snapshot of an erect **** with “Mistress” clearly scrawled on its length.

You can’t imagine the emotional range that socked me all at once:  anger, shock, of course, stinging jealousy and a closer look to assure myself “mine” was better. Wasn’t it? She only plays with me! Right?

My e-mail to ‘him’ gained a quick response:  “I should let Mistress tell you, but yes I’m also one of her subs and a friend from EP and have been for some time.”


I’m left speechless and quickly text Mistress. I didn’t know. Why did she share this with me? Her reply was also quick. It was also terse:  “Mistress needs to be continuously satisfied and your little boy penis is worthless to me during your celibacy.“

My protest and request for an explanation was met with a strong reply and rebuff, like backhanding an over anxious puppy:  “Do as you’re told. Disobey and you know the consequences.”

Oh those consequences. When we agreed and figuratively ‘shaked’ on the terms and the ‘contract’ that I would be her sub and she would be my Domina nearly 13 months earlier and that I would from that point on surrender my ability to *** to her whims, she made it clear that any violation of the agreement as she saw it meant its termination. After so long and becoming so close on and off EP would she invoke those terms? Would our friendship actually be in jeopardy?

I stewed 24-7 and the the simmer only got worse. Several days later another email from him and another set of pictures, screen shots from their webcam chats. 

She at her client’s hotel. Mistress in dark nylons, heels, a dress and nicely made up. Mistress undressing. I imagine slowly. A very hot shot of her unrolling a dark stocking down her right leg. Her breasts, her nakedness exposed to another.

Her laptop now positioned from a night table, the geometric patterns of the bed linen familiar. A ***** now in her hand. Thick and long. A pixie-like smile on her face. Her hair long and undone. Her legs spread, a view saved for me. The toy teasing and playing it seems at her lips. The next three and final shots relay the glistening urgency of the toy, the tool, at work. Hard work. I think of her moans, typically loud with deep passion, and another listening.

I’m stunned and breathing heavy. Incredibly aroused.

The short note that accompanied the 10 images: “I watched and I *********** for her. Mistress was pleased.”
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4 Responses Dec 13, 2012

What a Mistress! Hot - Can you really share her?

She scares me. You are brave.

Grownup folks havin grownup fun...Gotta LOVE it!! Go for it and enjoy!! :) Good luck to!! ;)

I have to say mistress has it going on! You have done so well and I'm sure you will be rewarded with what you want most. You deserve it! Hang in there!