Hello :-)

Hi everyone. Wanted to write a quick blurb to say hi and sort of introduce myself. I have been writing these and have finally decided to share them, so I will be posting about five stories straight away.

First let me start by saying that this blog is for my own enjoyment. In real life, I am totally conservative and quiet about anything that has to do with sex. I get a huge rush out of writing these things, sharing them anonymously, and if someone else is enjoying them it's even better. So if you read any of my stories and they help to get you off, I'd love to know about it.

I love writing, but writing sexual things is totally new for me. Some of my stories are personal experiences, and some are just fantasies. Like I said, if you like what you are reading, please let me know.
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2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I agree, 8. It's part of the benefit of EP- ah, the Sweet Anonymity of it all. We can do/say anything and it all remains anonymous. Tell me, we both like mutual ************, so am I correct that you love to watch a guy when he's doing his Self Pleasure thing?

bravo for you! lets have some more please!