I Am Trying To Learn More About Sub/dom.

I am new to this but I feel I have a very natural submissive side. I like things neat and in order, I am kind and quiet and shy. I just don't really understand the sub/dom lifestyle, I have done some reading into it but I think an actual conversation with people would be easier. If anyone can help me or wants to give me advice I would very much appreciate it. Thank you kindly.
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An EP User? What? You can post completely anon now?<br />
OOOOoOOoooOooo!<br />
Seriously, anyone else see the user as "An EP User"?<br />
I would love to comment, but sort of like to know who I am commenting to!

Oh yeah! It's anonymous... how strange! Not sure how I feel about that...

(Sorry EP User, I haven't seen this before! In regards to your question, check out Sunnil's writings on the topic, she is fab!)

But don't expect me to respond if you ask me a question... cause like I said above...
I sort of like to know who I am commenting to!

good point. It's probably an EP glitch....a particularly odd one

It just reminds me the people that post good stories/questions and then delete their users. I don't want to bother with responding if the user is not going to ever see it!

not a glitch, new feature :)


A new feature?? UGH! No thank you...


RR, Start a new story and then look at the bottom where you click to post!

See This?

Post anonymously
Check if this content is inappropriate for children under 18.

I like transparency when I interact and like to know who I am interacting WITH

Considering you can make a user that is considered anon anyway! Not like you can SEE my real anything unless I post it!


new group already there I don't comment on stories from anonymous users ... you are more then welcome to join and make your comments a story there

To whom are you speaking to there MrQ? And link it for us! Inquiring minds need to know!

Excuse me, I need to Run Amuck now...
/cackles quite evilly!

Egads, one would never know I am submissive now would they!
Hmm, wait, yes they would... No one to stop me or do anything about what I am about to do!

Yes, I can be quite a SAM when I want to and I want to RIGHT NOW!

Thanks MrQ...... will do

Ladies, SunniL &amp; RedRubbies, I told you it's new feature:))

Sorry I was trapped in something else in parallel, but the fact that I have also seen that feature first time and your valid remarks made me to create that group straight away...

and here is the link if you decide to honor me by joining that group ... logo and my story shall come soon...

Ahh! Okay, thank you! I was a tad confused!

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