Help :s !!! I Think My Loving Partner Is A Dom??? And Turned Me Into Hes Sub

im a mother of two boys and with a loving partner and nice home, i had a rarther normal childhood, some people would say i have a great life, however my boys do fill my life and i love them with all my heart but thiers a huge whole not being filled untill we hit the bedroom where my loving partner becomes different all controlling and dom like, he enjoys it when i give in, obey, hes always on top and a controling roll, i have gone over the net looking in to it and found alot about sub/D relationships, is he a dom??? and i dont no about it??
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Thank you for your responses, in all fairness i do enjoy giving myself 100% to hes bec and call, i could ask him but hes not much of a talker and i dont think hes aware of how he is,in my eyes he could make one heck of a dom, the thing is now i have teasted it i fear hes not giving me what i need, any ideas of how i can take him along with me on this path??? :)

Purchase the book SM 101 by Jay Wiseman and leave it on his bed stand... or make it a Valentine's Day gift with a few scarves... :)

hmm sounds like a good idea to me thank you are you a sub if you dont mind me asking??? :)

write him a letter, suggesting few things he can try with you ...

I second Sunni's approach: best time of year to make a step like this, close to February 14th.
Nice gifts and surprises to 'open his eyes' about something new and exciting is a good thing. ^^
Just make sure that if you try something new you do it safe: agree of a stop/safeword, communicate about limits and wishes and just take your time discovering what works for the two of you.
Enjoy. :-)

all very helpful thank you ill give the gifts a go :)

And in answer to your question to me beebee, yes I am...
A pretty piece of sleep attire or lack of helps too Scar!

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He is either Dom or just a sex control freak! (I mean that in a good way beebee!)Why don't you just ASK HIM? No harm from seeing where is mind is at!<br />
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Lot's of people like taking that control and lead in the bedroom. And if you are enjoying it, all the better! :)

Sunni, being dominant only in bedroom does not sufficient to be qualified as Dom? :)
That freak doesn't that nice :))

Sure it does. My hubby is Dom and we do only practice in the bedroom for the most part. Too much real life going on in our house for us to be much of any other way.

Given your description I think he is. But he might be happy with doing dom stuff only in bedroom. There are many setups in BDSM (Ds) relationships. In my opinion as long as both (all) parties involved are Happy with the setup then there is nothing wrong on it.