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I wish that I could meet a dominant. I think I would be the perfect submissive. I have always wanted to do things for people and make them happy. I like being told what to do and when to do it. I think this could be a great lifestyle for me.
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I am new to this whole thing, but diving into anything that fully is never a good thing without knowing what you are getting into. I admire the dedication but any good Dom would want you knowledgeable over fool hearty.


ajtaps, please please please do the research and learn. Diving in head first into am empty pool is always a bad idea and dangerous.

There is a lot of good and bad information out here on EP and the internet in general.
Invest in a few books.
First one to get is SM 101 by Jay Wiseman.
The second one is called "The bottoming book".
There are a few other good ones, but that will get you started on your education into D/s.

Take a look at this link: Lots of good reading material there.

Yell if you need more information. :)

You must learn to submit totally,freely and without question. If you can do these things you will make good little sub !

In your opinion I hope?

I like to think I'm a pretty good sub and I don't submit without question, hell, I think I'm such a good sub BECAUSE I don't submit without question.
Not filling rookies' heads with stuff like this would be a good idea... a submissive isn't a doormat or a robot you know.

I had a huge response to smooth and had a computer glitch thing happen... Glad you said that. Mine was not as nice.

Now I want to hear it, can you PM it to me or something? :-p

LOL! You are so bad! I think I love you! :P

*Winks and flirts*, now be a good little sub and and submit TOTALLY AND WITHOUT QUESTION, YOU VAGINA-SUCKING WH*RE!

I'm bad and I know it baby. :-p

Yes ems... and DONE! See PM's...
*bats eyelashes*

Although I'm pretty sure I know the just of your thoughts on what seƱor suave had to say, I never get tired of hearing them, lol. Sic'em Sunni!

LOL Scar told him already :P No point in being repetitious eh? However, that has never stopped me before right?

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