Curiosity Made the Cat Happy??????

Okay, well...... I met someone a few months ago. He works with me and we became fast friends. It became obvious to me that we were not going to stay friends for very long though! He has such a strong presence, two weeks ago something happened that made me want to act on the feelings that I thought I had so carefully hidden. It was ust a simple hug! But there were sparks flying between us when we seperated. We talked for a while that night and I discovered that he is a Dominate. We have talked about what the contract would entail and I want to do this more than anything. Not exactly for the lifestyle but for him.... I'm also a little scared. I need to learn more, anyone know any good resources?
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

There is tons of info out there..just takes a little searching. Lucky You!!

As Dreamer suggested,, be careful when doing that google search, there are many sites on the net that are only interested in selling ****.... another facet to consider, many confuse BDSM for D/s.. remember, D/s can be a part of BDSM,, but BDSM does not have to be a part of D/s... another site you might find of interest.. <br />
take care, and be safe..

I would suggest doing a search in google but be careful. There are a lot of great resources but bad ones too. I found a forum that I have gotten advice on. They are nice people willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have. <br /><br />
Also another forum I like but isn't too active is :<br /><br />
I am still working out my feelings with all of this. I find myself wondering if I'm making the right choice. We won't know if its the right path to follow unless we try. There is obviously a reason we are drawn to this. Message me anytime. It would be nice to talk to someone just starting out like me. Good luck.

Hello, I am also very new at this and would like to chat with you both if thats ok. I am also very new to this site so I am going to try and find out how to add you both as friends.