I want you to like me
But I know I'm not worth liking.
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26-30, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Don't say that kind of thing - you're worse than me =O
My Master is trying to improve my confidence, because a negative self-image is not a very appealing trait :(

If you really want a Dom or Master (as i saw in your other post) you have to think that you DO have something to offer him. Otherwise why would anyone want to dominate you?

The world may be full of beautiful people, younger people, slimmer people, fitter people - but this IS the real world - look around you! Is your town populated with all these photoshopped images from the media? Are all the guys the sort that make the women fall to their knees in throes of passion at first sight?
If the answer is yes, you'd better move to a normal town ;)

Certainly all the people i've seen at the very few munches i've ever been to are very normal, ordinary people. i'm sure if i go to more munches and events i'll find some of those beautiful people from kinky and popular - but most people are pretty ordinary, many are lumpy and/or fat, many are out of shape, few are beautiful in the usual sense - but none of them think twice about whether anyone would find them attractive or useful, they're just themselves - and nobody seems to question their attractiveness or usefulness either.

i read somewhere that it doesn't matter what someone LOOKS like, or what their qualifications are - what matters is how they make you FEEL.

Thank you!!!