A Fantasy I Have About Being a Sub

We've chatted, emailed and talked many times. He finally told me it was time to meet...time to see if what we talk about in our fantasy world is better in real life.

We arrange to meet half way between our two homes, at a secluded bed and breakfast. We would have complete solitude; no one knows us, no one sees us, no one hears us. I am so nervous as I drive up to the place. I know he is already there, waiting for me. What if he is disappointed in what he sees? We've shared pictures, but what if the real thing is a let down? What if I can't go through with it? I've never done this before and I am not sure if I can. So many thoughts are running through my mind, so much apprehension.

He's there, waiting for me at the door. When he sees me, the look on his face lets me know that he is not disappointed; the look on his face lets me know that I am in for quite a memorable night. I tremble in fear and anticipation as he takes my coat and bag. He puts them down and kisses me deep and hard. He tells me he's been waiting so long to do that to me. Then he grabs my hair, telling me I made him wait too long and I would pay for it. I ask him to be kind, I've never done this before. I plead with him, teach me, guide me. All the while, he is grabbing my hair harder, leading me to the bed.

He assures me he will take it slow…he wants me to trust him. He pushes me down on the bed and tells me to get undressed. I take off my clothes; I am completely naked, completely vulnerable before him. I see the desire in his eyes, the rise in his pants where his hard **** is aching to come out. He sees me looking at him, smiles and tells me I will get plenty of his **** later. First he needs to teach me a lesson.

He has me lie on my stomach on the bed. He has purple silk scarves tied to the headboard of the bed. (he knows purple is my favorite color) He ties them around my wrists, tight. He doesn’t want me to be able to get free. I feel a little scared, I don’t know what to expect. He rubs his hands down my back and across my ***, slowly caressing me. He hits my ***, I yell out in surprise, not expecting it. He hits me again, harder and tells me I can’t make a sound or he will keep hitting me harder. He asks me if this is what I wanted, and I nod yes. He hits me again, it stings. He hits me again and again and again. I have never had this done to me before…I am feeling so many things at once; pain, fear, excitement, anticipation. I want him to stop, but want him to keep going at the same time. I have my face pressed into the bed, biting the blanket to keep myself from screaming out. A whimper escapes. He stops, grabs my hair and pulls my head off the bed. He says in a low voice that he told me not to make any noise. I apologize, I couldn’t help it. He lets my hair go and leaves. When he comes back, he tells me that I will learn to obey him and by the end of our night together, I will do whatever he wants me to do.

I feel a sharp sting on my ***, a leather strap. It hurts and I scream, immediately knowing that I did the wrong thing. He hits me again harder. I bury my face back in the blanket, biting, trying not to make a noise. I feel the tears starting to come, my *** is on fire. He hits me again, I stay quiet this time. “You’re a good girl” he says, “my good ****”. He hits me again, harder. I still stay quiet, determined not to make a noise, hoping he will stop yet not wanting him to at the same time. He keeps hitting me; I lose count after a while, still I make no noise. He says he likes that I am starting to listen better. Again, he leaves the bed. When he comes back, I feel cold on my ***...ice. He rubs it on my red, stinging ***. I feel the water running down my *** to my hot *****, it’s so cold. He talks to me, soothing me, telling me I did a good job. “Now I will reward you” he says.

I hear him taking off his pants and shiver with anticipation. He tells me to get up on my knees. I feel him touch my thighs with his hands, slowly moving up towards my *****. I feel his tongue licking my thighs, licking my *****. He puts his finger inside me, I’m so wet. He takes his finger and puts it in my mouth, letting me taste what he has done to me. He slowly puts his hard **** in my wet *****. He is so hard, so big. He moves inside me, in and out, slowly picking up speed. He reaches around and grabs my ****, squeezing my nipples, causing a feeling of excitement to shoot down my body. He’s moving faster now, shoving in harder every time. The head of his **** is so deep, I feel him hitting against my cervix. I am getting so close to having an ******. He nibbles on my ear and whispers that he wants me to *** for him. I feel my ****** starting, pulsating through my *****. Oh god it feels so good…he starts going harder, faster, deeper. I feel his *** spurting inside me, there is so much, it’s so hot. He’s *******, moaning, calling my name, going so deep inside me. He does one last hard thrust and falls on top of me, completely satisfied.

We lay there for a while; he holds me and tells me what a good student I am. He unties my wrists and has me lay on top of him, with my head on his chest. He brushes my hair lightly with his hand, caressing me. It feels so good. He puts his hand under my chin and brings my mouth up to his. He kisses me, slowly, passionately. He looks into my eyes and tells me that our night together has just begun………

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Wow! Very real, very honest fantasy.<br />
Keep in mind that if it works for you then it's good and well. <br />
Trust IS paramount; letting go is freedom.<br />
No chance hubby would take you there?

Such a great mind and sexy writer.........

Ok, first thanks for the comments...<br />
<br />
MizzBlue, this hasn't happened to me, yet...but here's hoping. ;-)<br />
<br />
Dorobo, I honestly don't know if I would do it if the opportunity presented itself. But, when I think about it, fantasize about it, dream about it and read about it, I get very excited. I am answering yes, I want to try, but again, who knows what would happen if I was given the chance.<br />
<br />
Shortguy, no, I have never beaten anyone or been beaten for sexual purposes. I was an abused child and I was in an abusive relationship in the past, but it wasn't sexual. I would like to meet someone who I could trust to teach me about this lifestyle. But as I said before, who knows what I would do if the opportunity came up.<br />
<br />
Mistress, I would love to form a writing experience with you. Thank you for the compliment... We should also include girlflower, her writing is amazing!!! And, she's done some of the things she writes about.

You and I should form a writing experience. Whether true or not, who cares? Well written, well edited!! and totally hot.<br />
<br />
Hands up everybody who got excited and wants to read more!

I wonder...have you ever REALLY been beaten or beaten someone? ( I didn't mean for you to answer here ). <br />
<br />
Anyway, it sounds like a very exciting fantasy...if it is with someone you can really trust to do those things without really doing damage to you.

Love your story! You're a good writer and really communicate the excitement...!

Wow! I read The Story of O - a book of a submissive relationship. This is MUCH hotter. I have always wondered what this would be like -- thank you for sharing. I hope you have many more times together ...