My First Experience As a Submissive

So I made a connection with a dom. I'm looking for opinions.

we spoke online and he told me where to meet him - I arrived in my car first, followed by him. He got out and sat in the back seat. I was told to leave my bra undone and to get in the back seat as well and to not speak.  when I got in he kissed me (very very nice) - made me relax slightly.  He was calm, nice and immediatly started to play with my breasts - the feelings he was creating in my body were exquisite, he gently started to tweak my nipples - holy moly, hot spikes flashed through my tummy, it felt amazing.  He then used one of  his large hands to caress the side of my face and run his fingers through my hair - he told me my skin felt as soft as he thought it would.  I closed my eyes and turned into the caress, when I opened my eyes, he reached into his pants and pulled out his ****. He tightened his hands through my hair and brought my face down to it and told me to suck it. I didn't think - didn't want to. I put it into my mouth and he pushed me all the way down. He pulled my head up slightly and told me to stop sucking and to just wait and feel it growing - and it was growing, he told me to play with the head,  I swirled my tongue around the tip and grazed it with my teeth - the he told me to stay still and just leave my mouth open. He ****** my mouth - with long hard strokes - I was trying to stay still, but I so wanted to do more - he stopped with his **** deep in my throat and told me to swallow, I did and it was a challenge - but swallow or gag, I did not want to dissapoint him by gagging.  He let me sit up and started to kiss me. I won't bore you with more of the details - thats the main part - but I'll be seeing him again On Tuesday and am excited just thinking about it - the long lingering kiss he gave me before I left, left me breathless.

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Interesting story, but if that's what you call submissive, you've got a great many wonderful expreiences in store for your submissive intro. This guy seems like he did dominate you but not nearly like a traditional Dom/sub relationship. Remember though, despite my comments, it's all in how much you enjoy your experience and your connection with your Dom. It varies greatly from person to person how much of a "power exchange" they feel comfortable with. It sounds like you're really going to enjoy this guy.