I Am a Submissive Woman

I am a submissive woman.  I have always had submissive fantasies and didn't start to put them into practice until about 6 years ago.  I guess at 40 I started putting my inhibitions aside and doing what I was interested.  I found out that even though my husband is very vanilla he is also very open and willing to try new things.  We have done alot of Dom sub stuff.  He bosses me and then punishes me if I don't mind.  I love it!  He spanks me and the spankings are luscious!  
They do hurt mind you and I do beg but I still enjoy them. 


Now I am wanting to try this with a woman.  Most of my fantasies since I was a teen center around  a female dominant and now that I know I am bisexual I have a strong drive to experience this.  I hope that within this year I can have this experience.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

It's kinda tough discovering your submissive desires and finding the man you love isn't Dom. My wife and I developed in our exploration together and I am very comfortable with my role as Dom and she as her sub role. It's a beautiful thing but I'd feel frustrated I think if she wasn't turned on by subbing. <br />
<br />
Admittedly though, the first time I spanked her and tied her down I wasn't particularly aroused, but very intrigued. I had to get comfortable with myself enjoying it. Now It's just awesome! We're both enjoying sex so much we can't get enough of each other!