Currently I am being punished by my Master...it has been the first time that he has needed to punish me and I am feeling a bit devastated. I know that I deserve it - and once the punishment is over the incident will be talked about and then it will be forgotten...it is a learning experience for both of us and an opportunity for us to grow...but I feel so bad that i disappointed him. He has told me not to contact him - and that until tomorrow at 6pm I have no Master...

I feel many things - I feel upset and a bit lost. Suddenly there are so many things that I need to tell him when I know I can't...and tomorrow seems like it is so far away. At the same time I am happy that he sees me worthy of punishment...and I know that it will all be ok in the end.

Going through this much upset and pain at having caused disappointment reminds me why I try to obey always.

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I disrespected him...i dismissed him and ended a conversation when it is his place to do that. the punishment was no contact for a time...and was difficult but we did talk about it afterwards.

Can you explain to me what you did to earn the punishment and was the punishment not being allowed to contact him?

No problem! Glad you liked the story...FB

good points...sounds like you are staying within your limits while going through a painful part of the process...hope you can work through what might prove to be a minor, temporary setback to get to what you want in the relationship.

Thank you for your comments - I can see your point - but there will always be things that you do to disappoint - even if you do not mean them - and it is his place to correct you. It is the nature of the relationship. But there are times when submissives feel that they have to do anything to keep their Dom happy - i think that can be avoided if a sub knows exactly what her limits are and what she is and isnt willing to accept.

it is not your role to do anything he wants to keep from disappointing him...you have every right to refuse to do anything that you don't want to do...if that disappoints him then you can get another dom that may be better suited to you..i know that it is not fun to keep looking for Mr. Right but i am worried that you may be giving too much to hang on to Mr. Wrong...that said, there figures to be some disappontment in every relationship...the thing to decide is how much is too much and how much should be accepted...good luck to you...hugs