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Whether or not love should enter into a dominant / submissive relationship is something that is debated within the BDSM community. Whereas most will agree that there should be some form of caring involved, actually falling in love is often frowned upon.

Those who frown on falling in love would argue that when such intense emotions enter into a BDSM relationship, they can interfere with the dominant / submissive aspect of the relationship. When a submissive is in love with her Master, she is more prone to feelings of jealousy. She is also more prone to desire all of the things that one associates with falling in love, such as romance, marriage and family. When a dominant falls in love with his submissive, he may be less likely to subject her to the humiliations, pain and control that he would normally offer to a submissive.

When Angie entered into a BDSM relationship with her Master, it was strictly a dominant / submissive relationship. After several weeks, Angie realized that she was falling in love with him. Whereas she used to be content with the sessions they had, she began to crave more and more attention from him. She began to long for more romance and passion with less bondage and control. She also became very jealous of other submissives he would bring home on occasion for play sessions. As a result, Angie became a resentful, sometimes argumentative submissive.

Those who say that falling in love is good in a dominant / submissive relationship believe that such strong emotions serve to enhance the relationship. They believe that a dominant who is in love with his submissive will be mindful of his submissive's safety in a way he might not be otherwise. It is also believed that a submissive who is in love with her dominant will be more serious about the relationship and less prone to play games. She will be more obedient and will put the needs of her dominant first in a way she might not do otherwise.

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Very thoughtful, and something I should reconsider for myself.