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I do not know where to begin so I thought I would tell why I am interested in The Dominance and Submission community I will try to be as completely honest as possible.

I would consider myself an Submissive though I have never explored beyond my fantasies of being submitted to an Dominant Mistress partially do to location. I live in a conservative town in The Mid West. Secondly, do to lack of contact with anyone who is in this community. As to what I like about the idea of being a submissive. I like the idea of giving up control and of being completely and being completely devoted to pleasing my Mistress and letting her dominate. How I got to this point is an interesting story. As a young man, I was a voracious reader always looking for knowledge or trying to understand the human condition through the works of great Western Literature. I had always been a studious youth searching for answers to the great questions of life. It is this search for knowledge that lead me to the writings of Marquis de Sade to say I was shocked would be an under statement. So I went on for many years thinking de Sade’s writings where the sine qua non of The Bondage, Dominance, and Submission Community and repressed the feelings and desires that I had until I was 17 and in a religious cult. I read about the stories of ancient Flagellants during the time of the Black Death the idea of physical pain tied to religious devotion and ecstasy intrigued me so I commenced to whip myself with a belt hoping to see God and cleanse my conscience of unconfessed sin and guilt from sins committed. I latter confessed this to my then cleric in which he said these actions where sinful and wrong. So again I suppressed my desires for the sake of pleasing “god”(as the cult explained him) until I finally left this group. So for a long time though I have admitted to myself that I enjoy self flagellation and harbor fantasies about being completely submissive to a dominant Woman. I have felt completely alone do to reasons of geography and life experience. I now having found this group can feel comfortable trying to understand my feelings and desires after so long a struggle to understand what I am so while this is a new path for me I look forward to the adventure.
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hi i am new to EP and my problems are the same as urs. I live in a small town, Monroe MI to be honest. I believe that i am submissive....theres a guy that im dating now, and i have to beg him to take control, tell me what to do anthing and he wont.Now our sex is just one sided, there is nothing in it for me if im not being dominanted......