Punky Brewster

When I was a kid I thought the chick who played Punky Brewster was cute, I thought i could see myself in a two week relationship LOL. I didnt know shed grow up to have huge boobs though .

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Yes the girl who played punky was Soleil Moon Frye she was also in sabrina the teenage witch series and guessed on friends. The little girl that kept punching Joey. Yes I know a lot of pointless information.

I thought you said Big Bird was your first crush :( You lied to me...!

LOL real or animation? First real celebrity... one of the New Kids on the Block... can't remember lol. Jordan! That's his name. I was little... what can I say? And when I say little I'm meaning around 5ish. Animation: I loved the fox robin hood. He was cute and I loved his voice.

My first crush was on a father figure type from an early 80's show. I'm too embarrassed to say who, cuz he was not conventionally handsome.

LOL. Ya'll are crazy! And Punky! *snickers*.<br />
I was in a toss up between Bo and Luke Duke on Dukes Of Hazzard! :/

Cool so im not the only one who thought Maria was hot

Maria!! she's sexy!! i had a crush on punky too. you have excellent taste my friend. :P

LOL that's funny!...but i can see it...she's pretty and somewhat matronly to a little kid.

Yeah Maria could get it

lmaooo Maria? wow! really?

I unno i wasnt into the older chicks when i was young but thats the only show id watch and be like shes cute, well her and the mexican lady from Seseme Street

she was alright, i guess. but she couldnt hold a candle to the dude that played Face on the A Team (he was my 1st celebrity crush)...that i can remember anyway. lol

oh...i didnt see all that. my bad! lol

punky brewster it's the title.

ohhh the chick who played Punky Brewster

when you were kid, silly! you thought she was cute...but you never say who she was/is.

What now or then?? i unno i got too many now

so who is your celebrity crush?