Bobby Sherman!

OMG! memories this brings back!...i even had a lunch box...funny...i love men in uniforms and he later became a LAPD Officer...

Name: Robert Cabot Sherman

Date of Birth: July 22, 1943

Birth Place: Santa Monica, CA

Height: 5'9

Eyes: Blue

Astrology Sign: Cancer

High School: Birmingham HS Van Nuys, Ca.



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6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

lol do remember him very well....gorgeous eyes and smile and didn't sing to bad either

OH. U tube. Right. Hmm... I don't know. If I have a crush on an actor. Christian Bale.

Ohhh Hellcat, he was a hottie!! Still wouldnt throw him out of the ho use either lol

I think I hear of him but I'm not sure.

Oh. I see.. A crush. No I don't think I have crush on a famous person.

hehe... I have only had three celebrity crushes. You are attracted to eyes and uniforms just like me lol. Imagine that... I swear you are my sister in real life.