Only 3 Ever!!!! Actually 4 If You Include Leif Garrett Lol

First was Shaun Cassidy... Do you remember the Hardy Boys?  He isn't so sexy anymore but back in the day MMMM!

Next was Leif Garrett. He had a guest appearance on CHIPS and he starred in my heart long after lol. 


Brian McNamara can let me take that uniform off any night or day. MMMM he is one fine specimen of manhood and I watch Army Wives just to see him and how etffing hot he will look next.  Not to mention he has the  most perfect male voice.  MMM MMM MMMM


And finally everyone knows I have the hots for Peyton Manning. I am not sure which one turns me on most but it is a close race between Peyton and Brian to which is the sexiest one. 


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Shaun is still sexy!!!

Right it is a general crush. I know that I can never have them but I love to look at them. :) it is purely a sexual thing for the most part although both my current crushes are fairly intelligent,

he is quite not the looker any longer.

Leif was hot back when...not so much now LOL


It has always been Tom Selleck..So much that I married a man that looks similar to him. My first crush with him started when he was the Marlboro man on a sign on my way to work in the morning. I would always say good morning and say what was on my mind to do to him to him . My car poolers would remind me if I forgot....

MMM I do and they make me happy all over lol