I Knew I Was Gay...

It was Jon-Eric Hexum... only the most beautiful man in the world... died tragically very young.  Was in "Voyagers" and "Making of a Male Model".  Those blue eyes and chisled face made my 15 year old mind gooey and I didn't understand then why! But, NOW I do!

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Tommy Kirk, who played Joe Hardy in the Walt Disney adaptations of the Hardy Boys books. <br />
Ironically, Walt Disney fired Tommy years later - when he was one of Disney's hottest teen properties - when he was found kissing another boy at a swimming pool. Yep, Tommy turned out to be gay! So my first crush was actually gay before I knew I was!

I will have to look him up... Don't know who Tommy Kirk is.

Jon?, Eric?, Hexum? who? lol--------------Adam Levine for me.

I admit that Adam Levine is one more hot commodity! good choice! But you should google Jon Eric, he's a beauty! Rumor has it that he was gay as well.

i just did, that was sad, he was young and just staring to make it big, he donated all usable body organs to needy persons.

James D'Arcy when I watched Master And Commander The Far Side Of The World..