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Something About Privacy Here

This is something techy, regarding privacy here.
When I google EP, my log-in prompt leads me to the page where it has my user-name and "welcome home" open to anyone who can then access my activity here.
Kinda alarming. What's to stop anyone from getting hold of my droid, checking out my google history, and waltzing right into my life here without some kind of extra security?
All they have to do is tap "welcome home" and they're in my freakin' business!
Anybody here wondering about that?
angsty angsty 61-65, F 10 Responses Mar 5, 2011

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Hi, avatar old buddy, are you on a droid, too? Just wondering, because we've been updated to Froyo, and things are different, indeed.<br />
Pop your question on google. It has been a tremendous help with my oblique questions.

I have a different problem. Recently my opererating system was changed. Now I am unable to delete my history, and the one time I managed to view it was alarmed to find it showed PASSWORDS. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of is to to buy my own, private use, laptop.<br />
<br />
Ok so I got to the sites visited history, and deleted all that. but there is still this unexpected thing that it once displayed my password when I was looking for the history.

Excellent input on this! <br />
I clear my google search every day , now.<br />
Hope this experience and it's resolution will help any of the other folks on here.<br />
Happy sailing, EP family!

Glad to have been of some help.... if I was.... and... lol @ fishbowl.. good one.. hehe:<br />
FB = FishBowl / FB = FaceBook... .. oh, I'm not always this goofy.... : )

Thank you for that input. I did remember (duh!) A couple days ago, I cleared my search history. Geez, how embarrassing.<br />
Yes, re: Facebook.... (ahem) .... throw your dignity out the window with that fishbowl.

Thank you for that input. I did remember (duh!) A couple days ago, I cleared my search history. Geez, how embarrassing.

I was alarmed too when I started to read what you wrote, as I place a high value on personal privacy, stay away from facebook for that very reason... as well as I was attracted to this site because of the emphasis they seem to put here on protecting our privacy.<br />
<br />
However, I was relieved as I read further and the comments, because it sounds as if our accounts aren't just out there in google search for anyone online to be able to stumble across. Seems as if access is only easy if someone uses your actual computer (or mobile device). <br />
<br />
Do you know that there is a setting in google to have it not save your search history? I always have it set not to show any recent activity.. just a personal preference. I'm sure that google can access just about anything they want, but as far as your worries of some strabger nabbing your droid, if you had the search history turned off, your average person would not be able to access your account as you had described..... hope that is of any help?

My login page does not show my user-name. I have to enter it and the password. But anyone with access to my recent history would probably find it easily enough. I rely on my husbands integrity.

Thank you for your input. But let me walk you through this.<br />
I hit google. My recent history shows Experience Project- log in. I hit that. Up comes my log-in page with my user-name, angsty, and welcome home, which I touch and boom, I'm in. Anybody can do this if they get hold of my droid.

Your password is there to stop people from doing that. If you have the droid remember your password then you are asking for it. Either type it in yourself or don't lose the Droid.