My Regrets Woody Allen !

In 1980 I was visiting Manhatten , an old childhood friend and stayed in Brookland Heights where he lived. I had taken a leave at UCLA where I had been working as a Medical Technition for 6 years. I valued my job as it had been good to me and afforded me a good salary and the opportunity to have my daughter and share a pretty comfortable lifestyle. All had gone well for me for years , I was also able to manage 40 unit apartment complex with free rent and phone while working 4 days at UCLA> I was only in New York to see my friend Stanley who was an acting coach at the time and that was exciting enough. I had planned on leaving back to LA in a few days , it was Sept and just a beautiful time for my visit, Fall in Manhatten.In short Stanley came to me and asked if I'd be interested in seeing Woody Allen for an audition one day , the next morning it was to take place in Manhatten at a Church. I arose early and dressed the part as I knew the 20's were a favorable period he most likedand it reflected in His Films. I wore the right outfit and my hair down in a single braid down the front of my blouse. I wore my makeup light but just right I thought for the part of an innocent young woman. I'm called before Him and choosen by Him with the tap of his hand on His Secretary's lap He called out ..There, First Scene , Gatsy's Party. His Staff then ushered me into a dressing area where they took my measurments and go a quick picture in and handed me the Agents card telling me to call. I did and it was to be scheduled for Oct the 19th. explained when I called the agent I wa sdue back on my job on Wednesday, a week away , they told me to please be there as Mr Allen specifically ask for me to be there , it was an important opportunity, I agreed and never reported back..Do I regret it sure I do . My job didn't seem to care other than to say no to another leave. Do I shuck my Job there to go to Manhatten for God knows how long? The agency called , my decision was like I change my intire life on this one chance of a lifetime , change the direction when I wasn't finiancially prepared for the Manhatten lifestyle?I needed 200 k to even live there, even then. I had a great experience running around town for three weeks with Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslovia and her daughter , actress Kathren Oxenburg, going to a partywith quest being Kalvin Kline and attendind music classes with actress Dina Merrell. I had been treated like a princess all over Manhatten so , I didn't go to the Woody Allen scene that day, but continued my job of course . I wanted too, and still wish there had been a way to have been there but I am okay today. I Love Manhatten in the Fall.And Hi Mr Woody Allen! Sorry!
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Great Experience!

Thanks, it really was, it hurts alittle knowing I could have know him personally. it just wasn't in the cards though.