Dr. Burzinsky, Antineoplastons And The Fda (cancer Research)

If you were ever affected by cancer, you must watch this movie that is free to watch only until 6/20/2011.  It is basically the story of Dr. Burzynski, his development of antineoplaston, his successul trials and the theft of his patents by the FDA.  I am so surprised that the FDA spent $60 million of our tax dollars to try and put Dr. Burzinski away in prison, like a criminal and at the same time, was stealing the patents and messing up the protocols to descredit him.

I lost my dearest friend, a person who was closer to me than my twin sister was, my cousin,  to brain cancer.  She finlly passed away in 2002 and by that time, Dr. Burzynski's antineoplaston therapy had already saved lives.  Oh how I wish I could turn back the clock and do whatever I can to put my cousin in touch with Dr. Burzinsky somehow - I am sure she would still live.  But she died to radiation, as most of them do.

I'm still waiting for someone from the FDA to come forward and explain why this happened.

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What ashame that more people don't know about this research.

This information should be viral and spread throughout the USA and beyond, so more people can be helped and saved.
Sadly people leave the USA for treatment, we all need to put pressure on the FDA to approve Dr's cancer cure discovery, changing lives only for the better. Thank You Again !

You Are An Angel for putting this information out for everyone to see.

More people should See !!!!
Thank You !

This is why this is coming out, because the FDA proceeded to try and take out the Dr and patented the antineoplastons - they got 11 or 12 patents so only they can do the research - on top of that they changed the protocol.

Well, has anyone else done the same research? Did they get the same results?

The treatment is well worth the money, especially for children. They are not his own claims - he has already saved many lives. The guy in the video is only a father giving testimony. If you follow the whole trial, you will find out that the FDA lost the trial, that there is evidence that they changed the protocols to produce failures, which they do many times. It has a high percent response rate and a recession rate of 35% so far.

The guy in the video loses all credibility when he confuses the Constitution with the Declaration of Independence. He simply doesn't know what he's talking about. <br />
<br />
As for Dr. Burzynski, it seems logical to assume that he is just out to make money. If you really want to cure cancer and the FDA says no then go to England, go to Canada, there are hundreds of other countries that would love to cure cancer. Japan did an independent study which proved ineffective. Fact is the only proof of this working is from his own claims. That isn't proof, that is self-promotion, as is this film. It is a commercial for his treatment for which he charges $100,000 or more.

The FDA wants to push people into chemotherapy, which is an outrageous fraud, with a very poor 5-year survival rate. The FDA is nothing but an arm of the pharmaceutical industry. It is NOT concerned with the needs of the citizens, including surviving cancer. I think it ought to be burned to the ground and covered with salt like Carthage.

Cancer has a poor survival rate, chemotherapy doesn't kill anyone. It is very affective against some forms, and still the best treatment available. You conspiracy nuts are spreading false information and getting people killed, including perhaps Steve Jobs who delayed real treatment to try some wacky diet.

It's not a conspiracy, that's silly. Chemo kills cancer but it also kills good cells. I agree with Conceptual, people are being pushed into chemo because the treatments are very profitable.


Who are You ?
Do You Work for the FDA ?
You have Your opinion but if Dr. B and his treatment works I\'m with trying it.
Chemo makes people sick

What have You invented ?
Nothing Right !!!

It\'s easy to be an arm chair quarter back, but it\'s another much harder inventing and researching.

Dr. B I bet LOVES the USA, unlike today\'s illegals and today\'s immigrants who live in the USA, do nothing and leach off tax payers, instead of pay it forward.

Their are More and More KILJOY\'s in the USA now. Thank You for being President Kiljoy spreading NO innovation, no creativity, NOT bettering humanity.

You\'re a Real Natural Disaster to human kind. KILJOY\'s like You SUCK !!!

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