The Story Of My Life

being in a constant state of curiosity means i ask too many questions. i habitually turn my back on reality and find myself partaking in flights of fancy. i dwell in the realm of possibility. my loyalty is unshakable and my sanity is questionable. oh, and i feel everything in the extreme. strange romantic realist. mostly my heart defies your definition of logic. my mind too. i like it that way. i comfortably straddle the line between darkness and light. i adore passionate hearts and obsessively collect words. and pictures. a featherless magpie. mediocrity bores me. im a fantastic time traveller and find im not quite in sync, like i've been abandoned in the future, when i belong in the past and sometimes im from a place i've yet to see. i am "a one woman melodrama, whose default setting is over-reaction." i am the sum total of all my days and all the days i have yet to create, encounter and live through. I love my craziness. mysterium coniunctionis. I like bedazzling and being bedazzled. the scent of grass after the rain. i love waking up and the sun is streaming through the window. the smell of used matches. folklore. dandelion and burdock.  i love the old ways that were the new ways that now shape my way. ribbons. i love the smile in your voice. in your eyes.  paper lanterns. and personal heiroglyphs. ancient maps of a world long gone. interior maps. the shadowy places inside. geekiness. certainty found in obscurity. adventures and adventurers. battle scars. poetry and lives lived as poems. being allowed glimpses of different lives. i love the smell of autumn in the air. decadence. simplicity. instinct. curiosity and the pause between replies. magical story-tellers. personal mythologies. tea parties. i love people who make me listen and see and want to know more. i love earth/nature spiritualism. i love playing with matches. and scissors. i love being in love. i love when the light shines just right. magic. i love keys (literal and metaphorical) and the delicious feeling upon finding they fit. the scent of sun warmed skin, I love giving to the poor and taking from them the gift of gratitude. i love hot chocolate and turkish delights. all kinds of  dancing. dressing up and dressing down with a loved one. i love people's stories. hand written letters. strangers who smile when you pass. people who ask how you are and really want to know. it wouldn't be an understatement to say i romanticise everything. if it means something or nothing to you it usually means everything to me. i talk when words are required. sometimes, even when they're not. i love with every atom of my being. i have lost friends along the way. i hate when beliefs are based on ignorance and narrowmindedness. im evolving and regressing in not so equal measure. maybe one day my edges will fail to contain me. i am thinking about love, pain, life, chances. and Stuff. lots of stuff..... mostly.
amundeep amundeep
Jul 20, 2012