Why I 'm Having These Bizarre Dreams

Last night I dreamed I was in on a big diamond heist.  My partners in crime were a bunch of sexy twentysomethings from the show "All My Children."  We were traveling through a horrible rain storm in our van, there were accidents all over the road.  We decided to pull over into this small town for some food.  We found a typical diner, with plastic table clothes and and worn pictures of Elvis.  The man behind the counter was older and kind of ugly.  I saw him hand another customer a huge burger with some delicious- looking steak fries.  So I ordered the same.  When he brought me my food, it was a small McDonalds type burger, and there were only 7 skinny fries on the side.  My coke was served in a tiny little dixie cup.  All around me people had the big burgers and fries.  I was so mad.  I started to cry and asked why he was being so mean to me.  He said, "You get what you order! Now shut up, you big baby."  I ate my little food and one of the twentysomethings shared some of their fries with me.  When we walked outside the diner, the rain had stopped.  We decided to get out all the diamonds and see how beautiful they were in the sunshine.  We discovered that there were some sapphires in there too.  I was really happy about that, because I love that gem.  Across the road we saw a miniature golf course, with lots of little windmills.   We packed up the gems and went to play putt-putt golf.

And then I woke up.

Lilt Lilt
48 Responses Mar 6, 2009

Ah geez, Restless, what made you go dig up this old story?
I have been having the exhausting, never-ending dreams a lot lately. Not good at all.
You are right, they are definitely stress induced. Always a struggle with no closure.

Sadly, Eight, Myo is on EP hiatus. She's one of my best EP buddies, I miss her terribly.<br />
But how about that analysis??? She is very, very good.

Thanks Lorraine. I had this dream awhile ago. Last night I didn't dream anything.<br />
Do you record your dreams?

Rain in a dream is symbolic for a change in life direction.... not sure what you can make of the rest.... write down each part.... young women, diner, large burger, small burger, few fries, ugly man, diamonds, saphires etc, then write down what each means to you individually in your daily life, and see if the dream makes more sense to you personally. good luck

Actually, Brut, I wake up exhausted from a lot of my dreams.<br />
Too many details, too many struggles.

Damn!!!! I wish I had dreams as cool as that :-)<br />
Pee wee golf rules.

Eight, did you read Myo's analysis???

I used to interpret for my friends a lot. When some of my dreams actually came true everybody got a little freaked, especially me.

Isn't she good, Drew?<br />
She was even able to interpret my dream about W and Laura Bushes sex tape.

Myonis - YOU ROCK!!! I'm wanting to take an Ambien just to have a kick *** dream for you to interpret... <br />
<br />
You need to start a group... I INTERPRET DREAMS... <br />
<br />
but no speak broken english... me solly, not allowed.

Oh, dear. Now I can't get up.

I don't think so.

Aw, c'mon. I've had weaker.


Yeah, it fell down.

That's true LeOn, it came on strong, but lost something towards the end.

I loved that movie!!

Sounds good Lilt...things usually do turn out better in dreams...except for those darn diners! <br />
<br />
But come to think of it, I've never had my burger come out like the photo of the burger on the wall. Michael Douglas' character in the movie 'Falling Down' has a very unique way of dealing with the situation when his "Whammy Burger" doesn't meet expectations. Check it out.

So true, ducky. But in my dream I made off with the diamonds and lived happily ever after.<br />
<br />
Guess what I made for dinner last night....really big burgers.

In the words of that famous philosopher: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.<br />
<br />
By the way...next time you're going to pull a big heist, <br />
play putt-putt golf first. Why? Because there's no putt-putt golf in the big house.

I'm now adding on to the couples sex clinic. Step this way, please!

Yep, I call those domestic nightmares. Dumb stuff... like not being able to fit all the clothes in the washer. Or running out of garbage bags.

The goddess of dream interpretation? Mundane details?? Incon-theee-vable!

Oh, last night was an exception and way beyond my figuring it out! Usually they're just mundane reruns of my real life.

That's not what ballzandbatz tells me...

Mine are boring. I never have any fun any more. =)

All hail the mighty Myonis, the ultimate interpreter of dreams! (Makes me wish I'd have a real juicy one so I could get her to tell me what the hell it means!)

This is my full version...<br />
<br />
Here’s my take on it. Some things are quite obvious. The good looking young boys and riding around in the van are all the fun, free things from youth, and the diamond heist symbolizes taking risks. The diamonds are your dreams. (You are going after your dreams.) When you entered the diner you were entering adulthood. The décor and the ugly guy behind the counter represent aging. When you received only a portion of what you expected to get, you felt gypped, while the young people had what you still wanted. During that time when your life didn’t seem all you thought it would be (late 30’s to 40’s), you felt gypped. You became depressed, unable to do anything about it. You couldn’t speak up for yourself at that time, or people around you weren’t listening. You weren’t getting what you wanted. Life situations and depression were bullying you. But being the way you are, strong and resilient, you told yourself what you needed to do to get out of that situation. You (which is the old guy since dreams don’t always honor gender) said, “Shut up, you big baby!” and you left the diner. (You told yourself enough was enough.) You left last because it took some time to be able to do what you needed to do. You took action and found a way to feel good about life again. (Going outdoors into the sunshine with your boys.) The diamonds, your dreams, are now yours (all the wonderful things you have in life now) and the sapphires represent the extra blessings you never expected (your youngest child, a renewal and restrengthening of your marriage.) You find joy in the simple things again, with all your boys, right in your own back yard, so to speak. (Putt putt golf just across the street.)

Chairman...very good! This is all fascinating to me. My friend Juan seems to think the weather is bringing out these strange dreams. Who knows. You missed my dream last week where I found George Bush's sex tape. Yikes! That was a nightmare.

Maybe you feel like your life isn't interesting enough, ergo the subconscious wish to do something daring and steal diamonds with hot twenty somethings. The burgers could be how you feel about everyone else's lives. A kind of jealousy because they seem more interesting than yours to you. <br><br />
<br />
The diner could just be a safe space, or a familiar place. A non confronting set up. Suburban life or something.<br />
<br />
So looking around, it seems to you like you're doing the same things as everyone else (placing an order) but you feel like you're getting a smaller return.<br />
<br />
The saphires, well I don't know. That could just be as simple as a subconscious plant because you personally like those gems a lot. <br />
<br />
Maybe it is a reminder, that deep down, you don't really want what everyone else has, even though sometimes you might yearn for it.<br />
<br />
<br><br />
?<br><br />
<br><br />

I can redo the whole thing if you'd like, Lilt. This time in safe mode... :0

Oh man, Krypton, these dreams are exhausting. They are very vivid and full of details.

OHHH, I LOVE THIS. You have the best dreams Lilt. The analysis is superb. More More :D

WOW MYO - You are nothing short of BRILLIANT!<br />
<br />
Freud couln't have said it better.<br />
<br />

Here's an edited version....<br />
<br />
SEXY 20-SOMETHINGS= fun, youth,<br />
DIAMOND HEIST= taking risks<br />
DIAMONDS= my hopes and dreams<br />
DINER=adulthood<br />
LITTLE BURGER=my unsatisfaction with midlife<br />
SUNSHINE AFTER STORM= finding a new peace in my life<br />
SAPPHIRES= extra unexpected blessings<br />
PUTT PUTT GOLF= Finding joy in simple things again, right in my own <br />

What's with all the twenty somethings getting the larger portion? Aren't the youth taking over this world? <br />
<br />
~ still hasn't survived turning 40 (six years ago) ~

~ baited breath ~

She's good, that's no lie.

I think she's chasing the baby around...she can tell it better than me.

You are brilliant. Your analysis gave me goose bumps. <br />
Tell it....

Be kind. Make me look brilliant.

Myonis has it all figured out. I will post some of her thoughts soon.

I want to hang out in your dreams some night. They're a lot more interesting than mine.

No, LeOn. I'm pretty much at peace with life right now.<br />
Maybe we should look at some of the other clues. What's with the diamonds?

Thanks, friend. This one might not be all that complex. I still haven't thought of anyway that I feel bullied.

le0n's all over this, but I'm on it, Lilt. Give me a little time. =)

Good point, I was daring enough to steal diamonds but couldn't get a bigger burger. I don't feel bullied by anyone in real life, but I'll think about that.

Yes! I tried to complain, but ended up backing down.