I have this best friend that I've known for as long as i can remember. This past january her mom died. Now she always tries to get attention in any way she can. Which includes treating me and everyone else like ****. Whenever Im around her she calls me awful names and makes me feel worthless about myself. She says that no one cares about me and that I should just stop talking forever because noone ever listens. She calls me stupid and an idiot. And when shes mad she phisically hurts me. Now whenever Im around her I flunch if she raises a hand or opens her mouth because I'm afraid of what shell do. Whenever I try to tell someone they tell me Im lying or i need to stay her friend and hang out with her becaue shes fragile. What do I do?
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Ditch her. She's not your friend. And if she cries and begs you to come back, tell her exactly why she is not being a good friend, tell her how you feel.

You put her in her place, remain strong and show her you're not to be ****** with, but at the same time, you do that because you care and lover her, and you tell her that, sometimes people need a snap back to reality, to pull them out of the hole they've dug them self, so they do t lose all of their loved ones.

Kick her ***, then apologize and tell her how you feel. Yeah:D

Great advice. But im not sure if that would actually work

Ok then, just kick her ***! Jk but you should tell her if she's ok or something and tell her how you feel.