Not to Tempt Fate, But...

by the grace of the gods, I am blessed with pretty good health at the moment. I appreciate it all the more when I see friends etc who are coping with illness.  I know it comes to us all one day, but for the moment I am lucky and blessed, and appreciate it.

  I enjoy exercise because I know some people would kill to be able to do it, or even to walk.  Sometimes I run alongside my friend who's had chronic kidney failure, but can still cycle.  He makes me appreciate it even more because I see how good it makes him feel that he can do it! :)

Freedomfriend Freedomfriend
1 Response Aug 17, 2009

Good health is definately a blessing from above. I have crohns disease and have been on life support 3 times. I have also been in a wheelchair with a colostomy bag. Now I can run on a treadmill and lift weights with my wife and I don't have a colostomy bag anymore. You and I should both appreciate what we have and be thankful on a daily basis...good health is not always promised to us.