Which Path to Choose..

From the time I was about 2 years old till I turned 18, I wasn't really heavily into the Bible and the religions that associate with it, but, I did go to church, and tried to go by what others believed.  That was until the year I graduated at 19.  After graduation and I was finally out of my parents' house, I started to notice things about me that were really starting to change.  The whole time I went to church, I would become bored of sitting and listening to someone preach and I had learned that that wasn't for me.  I found that that path wasn't the path I really felt comfortable with.  A friend of mine brought a book into school which drew my attention quite quickly.  It was a book on Wicca.  After she let me read a bit of it, I felt comfortable for the first time and asked that she would let me read it some more.  Well, after taking a lot of interest in the subject, and talking to others that had experienced this, I felt good.  I finally found the path I belonged in.  Today, I am 24 years old and still am learning new things about myself.  It is kind of hard to change into what is trying to come out of me because some of these things are frowned upon by people that don't understand.  But, in the long run, I try not to let that bother me anymore.
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You're right. My father was forced to go to church until he left home, but he chose his own path. I'm still looking, following my interests in many fascinating subjects out there. It is a huge world. :) cheers