Well, I Know I'm In Lust Anyway.....

Mahahahha!!! Actually it is love for me, lust for him perhaps. Heehee! You have no idea what a miracle it is that I can actually believe a man might be "lusting" for me. Mahahah!! That's my own little miracle. I know I love him though. Whenever I see him online I start grinning like a fool. I get butterflies in my tummy & I'll start giggling for no reason. I end up feeling like I'm 12. Mahahaha! It's GREAT! I have never felt like this, not even with ex. I just know that when I'm talking to him, I feel better about everything. I feel like I can do anything & plan to do quite a bit with him.... If he lets me.

I adore you darlin'. You are my best friend & I am so thankful everyday that you found me. Thank you for all you do & all you have become to me. You are my hope, inspiration, & my soon to be lover............ xxxooo

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Mar 24, 2009