Steve Perry - Foolish Heart (Dance Remix)

I need a love that grows
I don't want it unless I know
But with each passin' hour, someone, somehow
Will be there, ready to share

I need a love that's strong
I'm so tired of being alone
But will my lonely heart play the part
Of the fool again, before I begin?

Foolish heart, hear me calling
Stop before you start falling
Foolish heart, heed my warning
You've been wrong before, don't be wrong anymore

One of the songs from the 80's that got better after the remix (not that the original is bad or anything).

A good remix takes elements from the original song and amplifies or retools them to make the song that much hotter. The bass in the original is low, but this remix cranks up that bass and those claps and throws you into a deep disco groove.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

How I love that song!!! :)