Me And My Sisters Thoughts

You know whats painful? Yea? Well ya see, i dont think you see, Painful is when your best girlfriend leaks you out to your ex. Painful is when your father wished you were dead instead of his first child who was a still born. Painful is when your mother calls you a worthless *****. Painful is when your aunt wished you wernt ever born. Painful is when no one excepts your religion or your orientation. Painful is when you cant be trusted by anyone. Painful is when your father threatens to leave everytime your mom and dad have a fight. Painful is when you mom leaves you at home when your dads drunk and tearin up the house, throwin knives and glass everywhere. Painful is when you have no self confidence because every doctor you go to accuses you of being anorexic or bilimic even though it will never be true. Ya know, i know what painful is. i know what phsical, emotional, and verbal abuse is. I know Painful. so dont you dare come up to me and tell idk what pain is. because *****, i know every definition of what pain it. trust me on that.
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Im so sorry about your wife. I have a baby... and im alone with her. idk who the father is cause my dads friends touch me at night when they think im asleep. My fiance, jacoby, is in the hospital cause my dad hurt him. I wish i had good luck. i wish i was allowed to get married. and i know that you will be happy and whole again sooner or later.. believe me, life deos get better, eventually

problem is adults do not play like children and you have crossed the line in to an adult world<br />
<br />
you may not like the rules and i hope you have good luck<br />
<br />
i wish you better luck then we had when we got married at age 13 my wife was killed at age 19 but we had no chikldrenwe never could