Twin Girls!

Some who are my friend on EP know I am pregnant with twins! Twin girls! Im 21 weeks and 4 days! This is my fiance and mines 2ndthe pregnancy so when the girls are born we will have 3 children. Im 15, adrien is 16, and our first born, our son Konor is 1! Konor doesn't understand this whole pregnancy thing but he knows he's going to have sisters. He loves to come lay in bed with adrien and I in the mornings and nights to tell the girls goodnight and goodmorning! Its very sweet and so cute! He's going to be a great big brother! Adrien and I are excited but nervous, 3 kids and were only teens, it's scary. I really pray and hope with all of my heart that we can do this! I am due April 19, 2012! People tell me im going to feel more horrible from 26 weeks and on and I am going to get HUGER than I already am! Me being small and short, carrying twins is like carrying two bucket fulls of water and its very painful. I have shakes and belly pains and if the girls sit somewhere odd or everysecond of the day really I am just uncomfortable! If any one has advice please share! Wish us luck! I can't wait to meet my daughters.<3
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Congratulations!!!<br />
I have twin girls too! Mine are five months old:) There names are Haylee and Courtney. Msg me if ya wanna talk!

this is weird iam 14 and pregnant with Twins Idk the sex yet but i will find out soon iam 5 monthhs congratulations i bet your Baby girls will be as beautiful as you! Message me ANYTIME XOXO

Good luck I am here if you need someone to talk too.

Thank you!

God Bless you. I'm sure your daughters will be beautiful

Thank you! I know they will be beautiful baby girls! (:

Thank you so much! I appreciate it, nice to meet you desi. (:

wishing you lots and lots of luck ! =) btw im desi and u can talk to me about anything!