Iam 14 And Pregnant With Twins!!! My Story

Hi Iam Tiara,

Iam A 14 year old Bubbly-girl i love sports iam a cheerleader and iam in track and basketball iam also a honoroll student iam a golden child to my parents i also have a boyfriend his name is chris we have been together for Two Happy years! And know we have to be with each other alot more than usual Because Iam Pregnant And with Twins!!!

Chris Never Pressured Me Ever I was Ready On our two Year Anniversary we had sex! it was romantic he put rose peddles all over the bed and floor and lite candles and put on slow music it was Peerrfeeecctt! then after we were done he told me he loved me and gave me a real Diamond ring! a few weeks after are anniversary I got nauseous and threw up alot i went to the doctor with chris and we found out i was pregnant we were happy/scared at the same time when we told are parents they were shocked but excited they support us all the way my first ultrasound me and chris looked at our baby but there was a problem! the baby had Two Heads!!!! The doctor looked at the screen smiled and said ''your having twins!!!!'' we were in shock!!!!!!!!!! we were having not 1 but two babies i called my mom and chris called his mom they were in such shock but they said we are going to get through this step by step

Right Now me and chris are still in-love and are mothers are planning are Baby showers so we are having two! life is good right now iam so big to iam 5 months and glowing i cannot wait to see my Babies iam Still nervous about having 2 kids any advice to get me through the rest of my pregnancy???

thnxs XOXOX
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Congratulations :)

Congratulations you should add me

You sound like a very smart girl, I'm sure you can do this! I'm fifteen and pregnant, possibly with twins (they run in my boyfriends family) the doctor says they only see one baby but that it could still be a possibility. Message me if you wanna talk! :)

Heyy :) im 17 and also five months pregnant with twins! If you ever wanna talk message me :)

Hey! I just gave birth to twins. I'd say the hardest part of my pregnancy (especially the last bit) was finding clothes that fit. Oh my gosh, maternity stores do not plan for multiple births. Try to order online, those usually fit better. Haha.. there's lots of other stuff. Message me if you need anything!

babies deliver themselves; so have a slippery wet c--t and gravity downwards assistance (crouch). hope you have an orgasmic childbirth