Dont Know What To Do!!!

my baby daddy got a new girlfriend and i showed up at his house one night to drop baby clothes off. and he kicked my stomach and started hitting me. my baby is ok however i still have feelings for him and i cant support this baby by myself.....please help
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my name is maggie and i not pregant but if you need advice from older person I can be your friend. I have had friends who were pregant and if you need talk you can text me at 614 961 0827 can wait hear from you.

“An angel, in the Book of Life, wrote down my baby’s birth. Then whispered as he closed the book, Too beautiful for Earth.”

i lost my little angel :(

I am so, so very sorry.

I understand you still have feelings for him, but you need to press charges against him, he could have hurt your baby.

i wish it was that simple but my parents arent happy about it they gave me till october to get out of the house. i cant afford a baby, and a place to live. honestly i wish i never would have had unprotected sex

Yeah what she said that ******* shouldnt been doing that to you, what if he did hurt ur baby? You know you shouldn't take that from a guy and yeah you have your parents and ur friends to support you you don't need a guy to do that for you because girl you deserve someone better and someone who won't do that to you, and you need someone to be der for you and ur baby but I don't think that guy is it :)